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Kerry Collins Calls It Quits

by Photo of Jake Langbecker

Veteran NFL quarterback Kerry Collins announces his retirement

Kerry Collins Calls It Quits

During the course of the NFL lockout teams are not able to sign free agents or make trades. The only player movement can be players choosing to retire which is what NFL veteran Kerry Collins decided to do today.  

via ESPN 

"The past several months have brought on much introspection, and I have decided that while my desire to compete on Sundays is still and always will be there, my willingness to commit to the preparation necessary to play another season has waned to a level that I feel is no longer adequate to meet the demands of the position," Collins said in a statement released by his agent, David Dunn." 

Collins was the first player ever selected by the Carolina Panthers organization in 1995 and led them to the NFC championship game in just his second season. Collins battled alcoholism early in his career which led to his release from the Panthers during the '98 season. After signing with the New York Giants and completing a rehabilitation program, Collins went on to enjoy a successful career.  

In his second season with the Giants he led them to Super Bowl XXXV, throwing for 3,610 yards and 22 touchdowns. After five seasons with the Giants, Collins played for two years with the Oakland Raiders before ending his career in Tennessee. Although Collins was originally signed as a backup for the Titans, in the 2008 season he took over the starting job after Vince Young went down with an injury. 

Collins led the Titans to an AFC best 13-3 record but they fell in the divisional round of the playoffs to the Baltimore Ravens. He was selected to the Pro Bowl following the 2008 season, 12 years after his previous Pro Bowl selection in 1996. Collins is also 1 of 15 players to throw for over 35,000 yards in their career. 

He leaves behind a Titans team with a lot of uncertainty at the quarterback position. Collins likely could have competed for playing time as the only other quarterbacks on the roster are second year player Rusty Smith and rookie Jake Locker. Although the Titans appear to be in a rebuilding stage, the team could produce lots of excitement with a backfield of Locker and Chris Johnson.

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Comments (3)
  1. Deeznuts Hodge's profile

    Deeznuts Hodge

    July 7th, 2011 @16:35

    Only input I have is how was this article not about the top 5 alcoholic athletes of all time?

  2. Tim Odom's profile

    Tim Odom

    July 7th, 2011 @16:38

    I think this is crazy

  3. Jake Langbecker's profile

    Jake Langbecker

    July 7th, 2011 @18:37

    who would your top 5 include? John Daly? Vin Baker?

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