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Listen: 'Catch the Throne' is the Rap/Game of Thrones Mash-up we Need

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Big Boi, Wale, Common and more drop rhymes about Westeros, Khaleesi, the Lannisters and more.

Listen: 'Catch the Throne' is the Rap/Game of Thrones Mash-up we Need

HBO's Game of Thrones returns next month, and to make the wait a bit more bearable for fans, HBO put out a mixtape today called Catch the Throne featuring ten rappers spitting over GoT beats and songs. Rappers like Big Boi, Common and Wale are rapping about the Khaleesi and Jon Snow and we get choice quotes from Tyrion Lannister and others to intro songs. 

Yes, it's just as awesome as it sounds. 

All of the songs are really short, between two and three minutes, and there might be some slight spoilers sprinkled throughout for those that aren't completely caught up. With three seasons of source material to work with, dragons and other choice incidents will likely come up. Spoilers be damned, give it a listen just so you can hear Big Boi rap about the Lannisters already.

Here's the complete tracklisting. Listen to the mixtape below:

01. Big Boi – “Mother of Dragons”
02. Magazeen – “Iron Throne”
03. Bodega Bamz – “Win or Die”
04. Kilo Kish – “Magical Reality”
05. Daddy Yankee – “Born to Rule”
06. Dominik Omega – “Arya’s Prayer”
07. Snow – “Fire”
08. Dee Goodz – “The Parallel”
09. Common – “Interlude/The Ladder”
10. Wale – “King Slayer”

Between this and the news that the season four premier will be screened at Barclays Center two weeks before airing, the publicity push is in overdrive.

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  1. Emily Smibert's profile

    Emily Smibert

    March 10th, 2014 @20:02

    This is AMAZING!!!

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