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CHARGED.fm In-Studio Series: Vinyl Thief Interview

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Grayson Proctor and Logan Purdom dish on Nashville, playing live and the best shows they’ve ever seen.

Editor's Note: Huge thanks again to Ibai Vigil-Escalera for his videography and editing skills in helping out with this shoot. You can see more of Ibai's work (video and photo) here and here. – Ross

Nashville's Vinyl Thief braved the cold last Tuesday when they stopped in for a CHARGED.fm In-Studio Series. Two of the four members, Grayson Proctor and Logan Purdom, chatted with us briefly about a few topics and were completely charming while doing so. Would you expect anything less from a couple dapper southern gentlemen? 

We discussed the appeal of Nashville for musicians, the joys of playing live, their favorite concerts and even some surprising facts about the band. Grayson almost wasn't in the band, and it's a pretty interesting story.

At the end of the clip, you can also see the group's acoustic performance of their song "Smooth." If 14-minute videos aren't your jam, though, you can watch the standalone video here. Vinyl Thief's new EP Stop Motion is out now and a full-length is coming in the Spring.

CHARGED.fm In-Studio Series: Vinyl Thief Interview

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