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Jamie Foxx to Star in New Tarantino Movie

by Photo of Nikki Barr

Oscar winner plays a slave in ‘Django Unchained’

Jamie Foxx to Star in New Tarantino Movie

         Jamie Foxx is set to star in the upcoming western movie of Quentin Tarantino, as a slave desperately trying to rescue the woman he loves. Django Unchained will begin filming in the fall of this year, and is scheduled to hit screens on Christmas day of 2012
     Foxx's character, Django, has one goal: to rescue his beloved Broomhilda from the cruel plantation owner, Calvin Candie, played by Leonardo di Caprio. In addition to these superstar names, Pulp Fiction favourite Samuel L. Jackson will also feature as Candie's slave, but the role of Broomhilda is currently unnamed.
     Foxx, 43, was not the director's first choice for the role, for he originally asked Will Smith, who turned down the offer. Foxx, who is said to be delighted at the opportunity to work with Tarantino, has described the project as an 'amazing thing'.
     Jamie Foxx has starred in a number of films since 1992, notably Ray(2004), and Dreamgirls(2006). However, he began his impressive career as a stand-up comedian, accepting a girlfriend's dare to perform impressions at a comedy club's open mic night. Foxx is currently touring his stand-up show, with a number of dates around the country. For the best tickets, visit Charged.fm for details!

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