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Coachella 2014 Lineup is Here

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Outkast, Muse and Arcade Fire are your headliners for the April music festival.

Coachella 2014 Lineup is Here

Coachella always likes to drop their lineups at the most ideal time for blogging: late at night (on the East Coast, anyway). Last night, Coachella shared the festival poster announcing all of the performers slated to head out to California this April. As was rumored, Outkast will be reuniting to headline the festival. 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the group's debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, and their inclusion alone is reason enough to attend the festival. Seriously people, it's Outkast. 

Coachella didn't stop there, though. Muse and Arcade Fire are the remaining two headliners, and combined with Outkast, that's a formidable trio of groups at the top of the bill. The festival is filled with plenty of notable performers both new and established: HAIM, CHVRCHES, Queens of the Stone Age, Calvin Harris, Nas, The Knife, Beck, Neutral Milk Hotel, Skrillex, The Replacements, Broken Bells, Lorde, Pharrell Williams, Motörhead, Zedd, Lana Del Rey and several more.

Arguments will be made about the quality of the lineup compared to years' past. On the surface, it might look a bit tame, especially when you see how high up someone like Lana Del Rey is on the final day (in my opinion). But as you dig deeper, there are plenty of groups there that are going to really entertain people. Just like with Baseball Hall of Fame voting, people are always looking for something to nitpick instead of appreciating how good something can be, and it happens with every festival lineup, no matter how good it is. Tomorrow, I'll look at some of the hidden gems in this lineup (artists in the small print), and there are plenty. 

But I'm going to say this once last time: OUTKAST IS REUNITING HERE. Sure, they might also be reuniting and headlining Governors Ball two months later, but that's besides the point. Their presence makes the lineup fantastic.

Here's the official festival poster with all of the performers. You might need a magnifying glass to read the artists in the small print, so don't hurt your eyes.

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