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Beyoncé Releases Surprise Album

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

‘BeyoncA’ dropped late last night, and in addition all the songs have previews for music videos.

Beyoncé Releases Surprise Album

Leave it to Beyoncé to shake things up at the end of the week by dropping a new album out of the blue at midnight last night. Her fifth album, a self-titled one, features 14 songs and appearances by Jay Z, Drake, Frank Ocean, Blue Ivy (ugh) and Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Each song also has it's own music video and there are four more thrown in for good measure. The video component is leading to this being called a "visual album." On top of that, there are several behind-the-scenes photos available on her Tumblr. All of the music and videos are available as a package buy right now on iTunes (just in time for the holidays!) and it's a boatload of content.

So how exactly did Beyonce pull this off? How was there not a sniff of a rumor out there about any of this? It was assumed that we wouldn't get anything from Bey until after 2014, so perhaps that's why all of this was able to fly under the radar. Beyoncé would have made huge waves regardless of when it was released, but the decision to do it suddenly and in the dead of the night made it's influence and impact that much more immediate. The rush to consume something that appears out of the Blue Ivy (see what I did there) becomes massive, and it was a pretty genius marketing move.

Here's the full tracklisting for the album followed by 30-second previews from all the music videos that was made available on her YouTube page.


1. Pretty Hurts
2. Haunted
3. Drunk In Love [ft. Jay Z]
4. Blow
5. No Angel
6. Partition
7. Jealous
8. Rocket
9. Mine [ft. Drake]
10. XO
11. Flawless [ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche]
12. Superpower [ft. Frank Ocean]
13. Heaven
14. Blue [ft. Blue Ivy]

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Vlkrm8nLCJo?list=UUuHzBCaKmtaLcRAOoazhCPA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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