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Watch: Isaiah Thomas Off the Backboard to Derrick Williams

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The Kings roster is in serious flux, but their athleticism clearly isn’t with this incredible alley oop.

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The Sacramento Kings seriously overhauled their roster in the last few weeks. Over the weekend, they acquired Rudy Gay from the Toronto Raptors (in addition to Quincy Acy and Aaron Gray). But a couple weeks before that, the Kings also shipped Luc Richard Mbah a Moute to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Derrick Williams, and last night Williams had himself a bit of a coming out party against the Dallas Mavericks: 31 points on 12-16 shooting to go with five rebounds and five steals.

If that weren't good enough, Williams and point guard Isaiah Thomas teamed up for one of the better alley-oop connections of the season. After one of the aforementioned steals, Thomas tossed the ball off the backboard where Williams rose up, spun around and flushed down the reverse jam. You can watch the play in all its glory above:

Watch: Isaiah Thomas Off the Backboard to Derrick Williams

But the clear highlight of the play is Kings broadcaster Grant Napear absolutely losing his shit. He almost lost the ability to speak coherently while it happened, uttering, "Oh that dunk!" and then segues to "AND YOU DON'T LIKE NBA BASKETBALL?" 

It's almost as if Napear had been dealing with a barrage of people telling him that NBA basketball sucked, college basketball was better and that he was wasting his time calling this dumb sport. Napear was nearing his wit's end. Maybe these people were right. Maybe the NBA was a dying breed. Everything seemed meaningless without the luster of the NBA at its peak.

But then Derrick Williams changed everything with his dunk. This was it. This was the moment, the highlight that would prove all the naysayers wrong. How dare they question the validity of NBA basketball, especially with the type of grace, power and athleticism on display every given night? He was filled with a renewed vigor, and let out a warning cry to anyone that dare speak against this game that he loves so much.

Or maybe he just got really excited.

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