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Knee Jerk Reactions: NL Hot Stove

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Curtis Granderson to the Mets, Doug Fister to the Nationals and much more on the senior circuit.

Knee Jerk Reactions: NL Hot Stove

A couple days ago, we shared some knee-jerk reactions to some AL transactions during this Hot Stove period. Now the focus shifts to the National League. There has been an abundance of player movement this week, including some big-name players. Let's take a look at what went down.

• Curtis Granderson to the New York Mets: Four years at $15 million per might be a little bit pricy, but the Mets had to do something. Granderson is the kind of guy you want to pick up, too. He'll add some much-needed power to the middle of the Mets lineup and he'll play a top-notch outfield for you as well. The only concern is health for Granderson (and potentially his approach at the plate without the short porch of Yankee Stadium to swing for) but the Mets couldn't have brought in a better character guy.

• Jarrod Saltalamacchia to the Miami Marlins: When Salty said he chose the Marlins for their "winning tradition," you knew instantly that he was full of it. How could you find a more victorious atmosphere than a World Series-winning clubhouse? He went to Miami for the extra years and cash. He will probably see a slight bump in his statistics with the move to the NL, but I doubt he'll find more wins.

• Justin Morneau to the Colorado Rockies: Todd Helton retired, so there was a glaring hole to fill at first base. Justin Morneau will ably occupy the position in the short term. He hasn't been the same player since returning from his concussion problems in 2010, but at 32 he's still got a couple serviceable years left. Colorado can figure out their long-term plans at first base in the mean time.

• Doug Fister to the Washington Nationals: Fister is an upgrade in the rotation over Dan Haren, who underwhelmed last season in D.C. He'll fit in nicely behind the likes of Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmerman and Gio Gonzalez.

• Dexter Fowler traded to the Houston Astros: The Astros made a solid pickup here. Fowler is still young (27) and had one of his best seasons last year despite some injury trouble. All it cost them was a 23-year-old starter with an ERA over 5.00 in 65 career starts and an outfielder with much less promise than Fowler. They will have him for two years, and maybe he is something they can start to potentially build with. Maybe. This is the Astros we're talking about.

• Brian Wilson to the Los Angeles Dodgers: Wilson wouldn't go to the Yankees because he wanted to keep his facial hair. He'll be able to keep it in LA for at least the next year as the team's setup man. He pitched well in 18 appearances, and we'll see if it translates over to a full season removed from Tommy John surgery. Either way, it's bullpen depth for the Dodgers.

• Josh Johnson to the San Diego Padres: Johnson is taking a flier on a one-year deal and betting on himself to pitch well enough for a big multi-year deal next offseason. You know he will be motivated, and he'll join a staff with another motivated pitcher in Ian Kennedy. It's a low-risk move for San Diego, but Johnson has to stay healthy (just 16 starts last season).

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