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Neil Young's 'Live At The Cellar Door' Album Is On Its Way

by Photo of Sunaina Singh

The artist was going through a career transition at the time these live shows were recorded

Neil Young's 'Live At The Cellar Door' Album Is On Its Way

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Editor's Note: "After the Gold Rush" is probably my favorite Neil Young song, and to hear it in a setting like this is really something else. - Ross

Only months after Neil Young's group Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young split up, he played six low-key shows at the Cellar Door Washington D.C. in the winter of 1970. This was also fresh after his third album, After the Gold Rush, was released, and the shows were intended to be warm ups for dates scheduled at New York City's Carnegie Hall.

Right before Young decided to rehearse at the Cellar Door, he took time off to write songs. His career transition probably did him good especially since it must have been tiring to tour for two years with the rest of the group.  The artist's solo shows were taped and the 44-year-old recordings are finally being released on December 10th as a live album.   

Live at the Cellar Door features 13 songs from those six shows in D.C.. The audio is quite fascinating since it even captures his breath as well as the sounds of the audience's drinks. The songs range from his days with Buffalo Springfield to After the Gold Rush material and even featured the debuts of memorable songs like "Old Man" and "See the Sky About to Rain." For music history buffs, this is definitely an album worth checking out, and you can stream it on the Rolling Stone article linked above via Warner Brothers.

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