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This Week's New Album Releases

by Photo of Sunaina Singh

The new albums out include works from artists like Jake Bugg and Death Grips.

This Week's New Album Releases

Jake Bugg: Shangri La 

Singer and songwriter Jake Blake shows young and undeniable talent through this album. He has stepped into this journey definitely worth following and has won the hearts of people by being so open in his album. The Guardian sums it perfectly: He's singing about what he knows and once he knows more, you can be sure that he'll make something extremely special. Shangri La has received a Metacritic rating of 80. 

Chris Brown The X Files (mixtape)      

Chris Brown recently delayed the release of his sixth record X. However, he made a polite gesture and released a free mixtape called The X Files. Although it's not surprising that the singer delayed the release given the recent developments in his life, the number of delays is still not acceptable. 

Death Grips: Government Plates

There are mixed reviews about this new project by Death Grips. Some are concerned about the lack of vocals in the album while some actually prefer it that way. Death Grip is a group of artists who care a lot about being unique and doing things the way they wish to. Hence, it's hard to say if fans will love Government Plates or hate it. 

Yo Gotti: I Am

After releasing several successful singles, the rap artist has once again refused to stray away from his style since that is what gained him his fans' loyalty. However, people who are not familiar with his previous work might not find these tunes too compelling. But it's definitely worth a shot. 

Blood Orange: Cupid Deluxe

NOW Magazine calls it a predictable experience, but there are several good things about the album including the fact that it sounds quite effortless. That might be because Dev Hynes has finally been able to discover what kind of sound suits him the most and has advanced as an artist. Cupid Deluxe features several artists such as Clams Casino and MC Despot has received a Metacritic rating of 76. 

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