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[Video] Lady Gaga and R. Kelly Simulate Sex on 'SNL'

by Photo of Sunaina Singh

Gaga pulled double-duty as host/musical guest, and her performance with R. Kelly got very naughty.

[Video] Lady Gaga and R. Kelly Simulate Sex on 'SNL'

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Lady Gaga got Saturday Night Live its best overnight rating since March by serving as both the musical guest and host over the weekend. Not only did she have a "spectacular time" but so did the viewers. Her performance of single "Do What U Want" with R. Kelly and got a little intense, though. Taking the lyrics very literally, Gaga and R. Kelly simulated various sexual positions right on stage as Gaga sang towards the end of the track. 

It was... an interesting take for a nationally-televised performance, but thankfully it aired after midnight and away from the the eyes of young viewers. Check out the risqué live performance below 

The best part about her appearance was her obvious confidence in herself considering that she wasn't afraid to poke fun at her own single "Applause."

"There are two kinds of applause," she said. "The kind you earn or cheap applause, which you get by pandering to the audience and saying things like 'Give it up for New York'. I am a fan of both and you know what, I wrote a song about it."

Our favorite part of her appearance was her segment about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Honestly, we think anyone would be scared of West after his recent episode with Jimmy Kimmel. But hey, it's Lady Gaga we're talking about. Jay Pharoah and Nasim Pedrad played the couple and Gaga appeared as an Apple store employee that dressed blandly. Although she's a crazy fashionista herself, her character mentioned that she doesn't care about fashion since people who do are normally trying to hide something. "Like, come on, dress like a person!"

Her comment took the cake. We're impressed by how gracefully she can entertain the audience at her own expense and still have her "little monsters" believe in her. 

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