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Jon Hopkins To Play At Santos Party House

by Photo of Sunaina Singh

The expert producer has finally developed his own identity with the new album ‘Immunity.’

Jon Hopkins To Play At Santos Party House

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Most people know Jon Hopkins as an expert producer and a collaborator of well-known names such as Coldplay and Brian Eno. 

Considering that his solo works have been overshadowed by these names, his album Immunity has helped him to prove himself as a talented artist with a unique vision. His work was honored with a Mercury Prize nomination this year and it was absolutely worthy of that distinction. Not only is his vision unique but so is his genre. It's neither House nor Techno; it's in fact, a mixture of both and none at the same time. It becomes hard for listeners to determine what kind of music Hopkins is going for in his album but that's the beauty of it. 

This album almost makes it sound like Hopkins wants the listeners to enter his mind since the whole thing is just so dramatic. And it's almost as if he's trying to go against certain genres and make a unique mark for himself. We think his approach is quite fascinating and fans are going to love watching him play live on Saturday, November 16 at a sold-out Santos Party House in New York City. 

Not only has Hopkins had the ideas for this album in his mind for a while, but some of them also come from his past experiences and memories. Immunity is an extremely personal one to Hopkins and he's tried to experiment heavily with this album. We think it worked. 

While the artist finished off this album, he also worked on a soundtrack for How I Live Now, a film by Kevin MacDonald. Hopkins is a versatile talent, and he'll get to showcase his live skills in NYC this weekend.  

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