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GIFs: Which Receiver Had the Better TD Catch This Week?

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

A.J. Green, Andre Johnson and DeSean Jackson all caught TDs off deflections. Which was the best?

GIFs: Which Receiver Had the Better TD Catch This Week?

We've seen a lot of ridiculous things so far during the 2013 NFL season. It seems like every week, teams are scoring in more interesting fashions. The ante keeps getting upped by receivers, special teams players and defenders alike. I still don't know if anything can top what happened last week when Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Mike James threw a jump-pass for a short goal line touchdown.

But this week, players tried their hardest to one-up all that has happened thus far. DeSean Jackson, A.J. Green and Andre Johnson all made improbable touchdown catches stemming from deflections. The context and circumstances surrounding all three were very different, but all were very impressive. Let's check them out  in GIF form below and try to figure out which one was the best.

•Desean Jackson: Nick Foles continued his inspired play as Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, but he definitely got some help on this touchdown pass to Jackson. Tramon Williams was all set to make the interception until teammate Morgan Burnett crashed into him and jarred the ball loose. The two went down, up went the ball and it conveniently landed in the hands of Jackson who waltzed into the end zone. Great concentration from Jackson to stay all the way with the play. Check out the GIF via The Big Lead.

•A.J. Green: The Cincinnati Bengals ended up losing the game, but they lost it in dramatic fashion following the heroics of Andy Dalton/A.J. Green. Down a touchdown with plenty of field to go and just seconds left, Cincy was forced to go to the Hail Mary. Dalton put it up there down into a see of Bengals and Ravens at the goal line where it was deflected. Then, surprisingly, safety James Ihedigbo batted the ball upwards. It just so happened to get batted right to the waiting paws of A.J. Green, who caught it to tie things up and send them to overtime. If not for Ihedigbo, Green never makes that catch. But he did, and it was a glorious bit of luck as evidenced by this @TomFornelli GIF.

•Andre Johnson: What ultimately might be the winner for me is Andre Johnson's touchdown catch. In a big spot with the Houston Texans trying to come back against the Arizona Cardinals, and after forcing a Rashard Mendenhall fumble, they needed to make something happen. Case Keenum lobbed one to the back of the end zone for Johnson, going up against cornerback Patrick Peterson, and it looked like Peterson had shut the play down. He covered him perfectly and got his hands on the ball. But then, Johnson ended up catching the ball anyway while keeping his feet in bounds. Houston didn't end up completing the comeback, but this play proved how damn good Johnson is when you let him make plays. Check out the GIF via Gifulmation.

So which was the best? My pick is Johnson, even though Green's was the most improbable and maybe the better play. But Johnson made the more difficult catch of the three when you factor in staying in bounds while falling down and completing the catch. You could make a case for all three, but that's my pick. Let us know which catch you thought was best in the comments section!

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