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Lady Gaga Parts With Manager Troy Carter

by Photo of Sunaina Singh

The split happened only days before the release of her upcoming album.

Lady Gaga Parts With Manager Troy Carter

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This is probably a bittersweet month for Lady Gaga. Her upcoming album ARTPOP is scheduled to release on Nov. 11 but only few days prior to the big release, she split with the man who played a large role in building her into a mega-star. 

Gaga's manager Troy Carter frequently referred to his relationship with her as being a division of labor since she would handle 95 percent of the creative decisions (no surprise) and made him responsible for the ones related to business. However, it looks like this technique stopped working for the duo. 

Carter, who also manages John Legend and Lindsey Stirling, said earlier this year that Gaga was always specific about her vision, "all of the music was there, and all she needed was someone to help her translate it to the rest of the world, which is where I came in."

The two had been a team since 2007 and were clearly doing a great job together, considering that Gaga has sold about 23 million albums all over globe. Despite this fact, reports suggest that Carter feels "liberated" after the split. Well, both sad and liberated so we would assume that Gaga is probably not the only one with bittersweet feelings at the moment. 

The star has been releasing her new songs from ARTPOP recently and we absolutely love "Dope". She was also a performer at the chaotic YouTube Music Awards on Sunday. 

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