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Chris Brown Arrested For Breaking Man's Nose

by Photo of Sunaina Singh

If found in violated of his probation, Brown could go to jail for four years

Chris Brown Arrested For Breaking Man's Nose

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Chris Brown is in trouble again. This time for breaking a man's nose just before 4:30 am on Sunday. 

The incident took place outside the W Hotel in Washington D.C. The singer as well as his bodyguard Christopher Hollosy have been charged with felony assault and taken into custody. 

Authorities confirmed that Brown was not under the influence when he said, "I'm not into gay sh-, I'm into boxing" and punched the man right in the face. All of this happened after this unfortunate victim photobombed a shot that Brown was taking with two of his female fans. Really, Brown? You'd risk violating your probation and going to prison for years just because photobombers irritate you?

Anyhow, MTV reports that the victim's nose may require surgery and the two men are soon to appear before a judge and request bail.

This is not the first time that Brown's probation is in danger of being violated. There were issues earlier this year regarding the 1,000 hours of community service that he was ordered to do from the Rihanna assault incident. And then there was a possible violation in regards to a hit-and-run car crash in L.A. After this particular investigation, Brown even threatened to retire from music. 

Well, it appears as if he genuinely wants to retire from music, given that he keeps putting himself in such situations. 

TMZ has provided another source's side of the story. This source, who is apparently close to the singer, said the victim never photobombed a picture. Instead, he was attempting to enter Brown's tour bus so the singer simply prevented the trespass. 

No one would really know what happened other those those present there but still, there are probably better ways to handle a trespassing situation than to punch someone in the face. 

Prior to this incident, Brown was hosting a party at a nightclub. It sounds like quite an eventful night. 

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