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CMJ 2013: Lou Doillon at Highline Ballroom

by Photo of Gabriela Barkho

Lou Doillon brings French sound to CMJ as part of the Ooh Lala Festival

CMJ 2013: Lou Doillon at Highline Ballroom

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Lou Doillon brought her French sound to CMJ as part of the Ooh Lala showcase at the Highline Ballroom this year.

The French singer and model charmed the crowd with her mellow yet catchy lyrics, dancing along to the folk-y music and making jokes along the way. Doillon and her band took the stage right before Brooklyn’s Au Revoir Simone, making for one Euro sounding night.

While the well-packed Highline Ballroom wasn’t loud per se, the audience made it a point to sway and interact with Doillon and her all-male band.

The 31-year-old’s set mostly evoked her moody, slow sound with tracks about heartbreak and relationships. However, she got a little more upbeat toward the end, with the popular hit "Devil Or Angel" and the infectious "Defiant."   

Overall, the singer-songwriter brought a more laid back atmosphere to the mini festival, giving the crowd a nice break in between the synth pop acts of the night.

Check back all week long for more dispatches from the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon!

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