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CMJ 2013: Calvin Love at 285 Kent

by Photo of Rebecca Strassberg

Calvin Love’s CMJ 2013 performance humble and memorable.

CMJ 2013: Calvin Love at 285 Kent

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I don't know what I was expecting when Calvin Love took the stage at 285 Kent as part of Panache Booking's 2013 CMJ showcase.

During my last semester at SUNY Purchase, Calvin Love played a show with Mac Demarco. I liked his music a decent amount, but wasn't thrilled. We spent most of Mac's set talking about their tour and the fact that I've never been to Canada.

I knew that the band had been blowing up recently and so I was excited to see why.

285 was filled to the brim when they finally went on twenty minutes late. Ten seconds after the first song began the crowd was moving in a fast rhythmic motion. Two girls, in particular, were clearly hardcore fans of the tall, square-jawed Canadian rocker, and were dancing incredibly obnoxiously in the front row. 

I tried to not let them ruin the whole show for me but couldn't help fantasizing about punching the frizzy-haired, half-naked blonde in the face. Would have been totally rock n roll. Just saying.

The next song was "for all the ladies in the house." And, I mean, how could you lose with a line like that?

It only took a few songs for me to figure out why the band had been getting a lot of buzz lately. They delivered a really, really solid performance and the music is great. Calvin Love had incredible energy, which was projected onto the audience, making for a great show.

Check back all week long for dispatches from the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon.

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