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Justin Bieber's New Music Video Leaked

by Photo of Sunaina Singh

He’s pissed off because people saw only 70 percent of his hard work

Justin Bieber's New Music Video Leaked

In this article…

Justin Bieber is very upset that his new low-production video for "All That Matters" leaked on the Internet. 

Philly.com reported that Bieber hates leaks. "You work so hard on something and then people see it at 70% opposed to 100 like intended," he said. Perhaps he should be happy that people got the chance to hate on only 70 percent of it as opposed to a 100 percent. 

We can describe the video in one word: Awkward. The star is awkwardly dancing throughout the video, randomly holding babies, which qualifies as being awkward and his crew is awkwardly standing around and walking behind him. The worst part is that the junior artists in the video look better than Bieber does and you're more tempted to look at them instead. Also, everything takes place at the Great Wall of China for some awkward reason. 

But what's most disturbing? Bieber was carried up the wall by his "minions." Those photos had been released a while ago, but no one had an explanation for them up until now. 

Even though we're not Bieber's biggest fans, we do hope that he doesn't get into trouble for filming at the significant creation but there's no word about that as of yet. We do hope, however, that he somehow pays for refusing to walk himself and making other people carry him around. 

Watch the leaked music video right here (without sound) and let us know what you think of it. 

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