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Sufjan Stevens Admires Miley But Can't Stand Her Grammar

by Photo of Sunaina Singh

The indie rocker writes an open letter to the controversial star

Sufjan Stevens Admires Miley But Can't Stand Her Grammar

Sometimes it feels as if people just need an excuse to talk about Miley Cyrus. But at least it was amusing this time around. 

Indie rocker Sufjan Stevens taught Cyrus a lesson on grammar in a recent open letter where he talks about her lyric, "I been laying in this bed all night long." Stevens cites that there are two things wrong with this sentence. First, the word should be "lying" instead of "laying" because Cyrus is talking about herself as a whole rather than referring to a specific body part being in bed. Second, she doesn't use Present Perfect Continuous Tense since she misses out the "have" between "I" and "been laying". 


This is the last thing that we expected anyone to talk about in regards to Cyrus. Meanwhile, Rolling Stone reports that Paul McCartney defended the 20-year-old shocker and said her MTV VMA performance was only "mildly shocking" and "wasn't explicit at all."

Well, let's thank our stars that it wasn't explicit given that Cyrus tried to go topless on stage. In fact, we wonder if McCartney is aware of that since he has no issues letting his 10-year-old daughter watch Cyrus twerk. 

Despite the fact that Cyrus' tongue has been annoying us for a while, we're happy that she has great musicians such as McCartney coming to her rescue and great stars such as Stevens admiring her and correcting all the grammatical errors she makes. 

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