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Miley Cyrus Shows Off Rap Skills

by Photo of Sunaina Singh

After getting twerking down, we can now add rapping to Cyrus’ long list of skills

Miley Cyrus Shows Off Rap Skills

Editors Note: Good lord. I just can't take this video. At all. This is an atrocity. If he were dead, Michael Jordan would be rolling over in his grave Whoever decided to let Miley Cyrus rap should probably not still be employed. Put some clothes on, put your tongue back in your mouth and take the next couple plays off, Miley.

Haven't had enough of Miley Cyrus yet? There's more. 

The pop star is heard rapping during her appearance in Mike WiLL Made-It's new video called "23".  The video shows her smoking a cigarette inside a school's locker room and using a lipstick to write number 23 on a mirror. Why 23? Because she is seen sporting a Chicago Bulls bikini along with Michael Jordan's signature number in the video. 

The 20-year old singer opens up the song with lyrics that say, "I'm in the club, high off purp with some shades on/Tatted up. miniskirt and my J's on." Overall, we found the video extremely school-inappropriate; from the smoking part to the lyrics about Cyrus drinking out of the bottle and acting like she "has no respect", we think this video has the ability to corrupt the minds of children and high-schoolers. 

Moreover, critics are guaranteed to roll their eyes when they see Cyrus' ever present tongue lolling out of her mouth, once again. We won't lie, it does get quite annoying. Also, wouldn't you agree that transforming Jordan's jersey into this "sexy" number is a total abomination and is in no way a tribute to the legend? Yes, Cyrus has gone a little too far this time. 

Produced by Mile WiLL Made-It, the video also features rappers Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa. Check it out right here and also keep an eye out for her new documentary, Miley: The Movement, which is scheduled to come out on Oct. 2. 

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