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Listen: Coldplay's "Atlas" off 'Catching Fire' Soundtrack

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Coldplay is back with a gorgeous song off the next Hunger Games film’s soundtrack.

Listen: Coldplay's

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is one of the most anticipated movies that has yet to be released this year. Music fans might be anticipating the soundtrack even more, especially when it features tracks from artists like Arcade Fire, The Decemberists, Taylor Swift, The Civil Wars and Maroon 5. Perhaps the biggest artist included on the soundtrack is Coldplay, who just today premiered a lyric video for their contribution to the soundtrack: "Atlas."

Their first new song since 2011's Xylo Myloto, "Atlas" is simultaneously dark and light. A dark piano interlude with Chris Martin's growly voice at the bottom of his register gives way to a triumphant and resounding chorus repeating the lines "Carry your world/I'll carry your world" over and over. It's simple, and because of that it retains the qualities that make Coldplay so damn amazing at times. When they don't try to do as much, Coldplay is usually at the top of its game. That's the case here.

The video itself is just as gorgeous visually as the song is sonically. A continuous shot that takes you through the constellations showcases some lovely colors and animation, bringing in plenty of imagery from the source material and ending on the mockingjay emblem that Katniss wears prominently. This is an ideal way to kick off the promotional campaign for the movie and the soundtrack, and hopefully the rest of the offerings are as good as this one. 

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