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Comedy Central Park Reaches Full Capacity

by Photo of Michelle Bair

The fifth annual free Comedy Central show fills with fans.

Comedy Central Park Reaches Full Capacity

A long line of fans wrapped the streets of Central Park last night for a free Comedy Central show that began at 8.

At approximately 7:30 p.m. Central Park’s Summerstage reached full capacity and blocked off its entrance—but that didn’t stop the die-hards left behind.   Several people gathered the outskirts of Summerstage intently listening to their favorite comedians.  

32-year-old Michelle Barrera got in line at 7:45, so unfortunately she was not able to see the comedians. Barrera did, however, get to hear them. Standing under the trees behind a gate, she listened to John Pinette’s high-pitch cackle of a voice crack hilarious jokes—which were mainly about food. As a huge fan of Jim Gaffigan, Barerra said she was happy to hear his new material last night.

Her favorite joke is when Gaffigan talked about his four children, she said.

“Imagine you are drowning," Gaffigan said “And then someone hands you a baby. It’s like living with drunk people. Everyone is peeing the bed.”

Barerra said she thought it was funny that he compared his children to Jersey Shore.

“But with a lot more sunscreen,” Gaffigan said.

The audience roared with laughter.

“I think it is great that people can come enjoy free comedy,” she said.

Barerra said she came to  Summerstage a couple years ago, and also attends comedy shows frequently around the city.

“I’ve seen Zach Galifianakis,” she said. “He actually was my neighbor for a little bit in Williamsburg. We weren’t friends or anything. I actually called the cops on him because I thought he was the one making the noise, but it wasn’t him,” she said with a giggle. “So I don’t think he really likes me.”

Although the park was full of returning Summerstage fans, there were a few virgins to comedy shows in the audience.

Damien Lolos, 20, was one of them.

“This was actually my first time going to a comedy show, like in general,” he said.

“So I was blown away, I thought it was great.”

            Lolos came with his friend Matthew Hays, who is also 20.

Arriving a little earlier than 7 p.m., Lolos and Hays were able to get in and see the well-respected comedians.

They both agree that Gaffigan’s bit about McDonalds was their favorite part of the night.

For example, when you tell someone you eat at McDonalds and then they look at you for a second like: “I didn’t know I was better than you.”

Gaffigan gave his views on documentaries about McDonalds, also touching on other fast food chains, including Subway—which he ultimately described as: sandwich-making sociopaths.

“I’ve heard a lot of Jim Gaffigan and I never heard that one before,” Hays said. “Which is nice.”

Gaffigan also talked about New York City.

“I love all the different characters,” he said. “Every summer you always see the snake guys, and the dogs in bags. They look at you like ‘can you believe I’m sitting in a purse?’”

Hays said he has been to a couple Summerstage events in the past.

“It is always best when the sun goes down,” he said. “No matter what is happening here.”

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