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Review: Black Atlass at Glasslands Gallery

by Photo of Renesha Yusuff

Canadian bred Black Atlass made his NYC debut over the weekend.

It's almost like the souls of Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley met and inhabited Black Atlass. Alex Fleming is the 19 year old behind the majesty of Black Atlass. He is the latest acquisition of Fool's Gold Records. Just saturday night he made his NYC debut. After almost an hour of what sounded like the same electronic beat on repeat DKDS,  it was a relief to have Black Atlass settle the noise. Joining him on stage was his DJ Scott Pilgrim. The elegant young man came on stage wearing a pair of khaki denim, shiny dress shoes and a simple black tee. His hair was coiffed back, slick and tight. Fleming has yet to embark on a full tour, but here he was in NYC performing to a room full of maybe 100 people.

The room was dimly lit, with two golden floodlights on the stage. There is a special feeling and ambiance that he portrays in his music. That same feeling came to life when he took the stage. The opening track of the night was one of two new songs he performed that night. Fleming performed tracks from his debut EP The Black Atlass EP. The first one being the highlight track "Castles." His latest single "Paris" which is the first single with Fool's Gold Records was the next song. This being one of his best, it seemed a little out of place to have it in the middle of his set. Flashes of red light dimly lit his face up as he began to play Paris Intro. Despite the placement of the track, Fleming swooned the crowd with his acoustic ballad. Cheers emerged from the audience while he dazzled the crowd. Those cheers quickly met a humble Fleming, who thanked the crowd and New York for having him there. 

Throughout the night his body language seemed a bit timid. Fleming seemed to be warming up as the intro to "Black Dog" started up. His airy vocals and slow shimmy with his mic stand attracted more crowd attention. By the time he got to "Hills," Fleming was in control of his stage area, singing to the crowd. "Hills" was followed by another new one. This jam was a slow one, but a nice one to end the show with. Hitting high notes, in a low seductive octave, Black Atlass proved that he is no joke. He matched the quality of his bedroom recorded The Black Atlass EP. Fleming is still a best kept secret in the music scene, and deserves some more attention. He has talent, and vision that is ahead of his time. Everything is put together nicely- from the videos, to his style, to his stage set up, and now his performance. He has a look, and a theme. It is something not commonly found in artists these days. Black Atlass is more than just music, he is also a work of art. 

You can download The Black Atlass EP via SoundCloud

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