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Cheaper Than Face

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

How does CHARGED.fm wind up with cheaper tickets than many primary sellers?

Cheaper Than Face

Everyday we hear every online ticket marketplace claims of “fair fees,” “safe” and “pay what you see” while not really understanding what that means to the big picture final price you pay. As a social ticketing marketplace you would think CHARGED.fm is charging far more than the face value on reseller tickets. After all, most of the time resellers are trying to make a profit on the tickets they sell. We thought the same thing too until loyal customers started pointing out the reason they became loyal customers:

“CHARGED.fm’s ticket prices were cheaper than face value.”

In many cases, the total cost of a ticket bought on CHARGED.fm is less than the face value, which is the original cost of the ticket. For example, a ticket for the upcoming New York Mets / Detroit Tigers game at CitiField costs $35 dollars face value on Mets.com. When you add in the service and order fees, that price bumps up to $46.25. 

So, what about tickets on CHARGED.fm?

When you "CHECK CHARGED" (as we like to say) for a ticket in the same section and row, it starts at $30.89. A service fee of $3.09 brings the total cost of the ticket to $33.98. If you're keeping track, the total cost of this ticket on CHARGED.fm including fee is less than the face value cost of the ticket on Mets.com by $1.02 (and is $13.27 cheaper than the total cost of that ticket).

Here's a second example, and this one of for Manning Bowl III between the Denver Broncos and the New York Giants. This pair of tickets on Giants.com cost $256 each for a total face value of $512. Service fees of $38.40 on each of those tickets, plus an additional $4.95 shipping and handling fee, bring the final cost to $593.75. 

We Can Do Better.

When you Check CHARGED.fm for similar tickets, they cost $226.85, bringing the subtotal to $453.70. A service fee of $45.37 takes the total cost of this pair of tickets to $499.07. Again, the total cost on CHARGED.fm is cheaper than the face value cost at Giants.com, and the total difference is almost $100 when it's all said and done.

It's Not Just For Primary

And it's not just primary tickets, where these deal can be found, either. We're seeing cheaper prices against secondary market sites like StubHub as well. Take this college football game between the Florida Gators and the Miami Hurricanes. Tickets that are almost identical on StubHub end up being cheaper on CHARGED.fm because of the extra delivery fee that StubHub charges on an electronic tickets. We don't think you should have to pay to download and print your tickets, and your tickets are cheaper because of it.

How can the price of the ticket be so much cheaper with CHARGED.fm? The low service fees for buyers and sellers is the reason. We put the "service" back in service fees by doing more to create ticket sales for our users and keeping them at 10%. There won't be any other sneaky "order fees" or "convenience fees" adding to the cost of your tickets making your total cost less on our secondary market for your tickets. Because of the low fees on the inventory, finding tickets that cost less than the face value of tickets on team sites can become a common occurrence. Even if the cost of the ticket on CHARGED.fm is slightly higher, often times the low fees will result in the total cost being cheaper than a similar ticket on other sites.

It’s amazing but this is what we believe in at CHARGED.fm.  Not creating a bunch of ridiculous fees that hinder a re-seller's ability to get a fair price for his or her tickets or a fan's ability to go an event because we made the tickets far too expensive.

We take pride in creating a business model that lets you check CHARGED.fm to find tickets cheaper than even the face value tickets on other online marketplaces.

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