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LISTEN: R. Kelly and Phoenix Remix "Trying To Be Cool"

by Photo of Emily Maas

This awesome track full of inter-genre love will definitely leave you smiling!

LISTEN: R. Kelly and Phoenix Remix

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Editor's Note: R. Kelly needs to be added to every song. Is that too much to ask? - Ross

The inter-genre love going on between R. Kelly and Phoenix is really paying off. These two acts decided to record a remix together, after a hugely successful on-stage collaboration at Coachella earlier this year. 

Though it's not "Ignition" or "1901," the newer single, "Trying To Be Cool" off of Phoenix's Bankrupt! album is still pretty, well... cool. 

Listen to "Trying To Be Cool" below.

If you'd like to know what the song initially sounded like, check here. Also, watch this teaser video for the remixed "Trying To Be Cool" featuring clips of Phoenix and R. Kelly together at Coachella, in what had to have been a legendary performance.


Needless to say, we hope these two music acts stay friends for a long time. Phoenix is currently running through the festival circuit, making appearances at Reading Festival, Philly's Made in America Festival, iTunes Festival, iHeartRadio Festival, and more. 

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