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One Direction Poised to Bank $1 Billion

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Kind of makes you feel insignificant when those youngsters can rake in that kind of cash, doesn’t it?

One Direction Poised to Bank $1 Billion

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How much money do you make? I bet it isn't as much as One Direction, who are currently swimming in cash that rests in a pool made of solid gold. The boy band is touring like crazy and has a new concert movie coming out, which could push the band to a staggering payday over the next year.

How staggering, you ask? Try the neighborhood of $1 billion. Via Hitfix:

One Direction may be the first boy band to log $1 billion in a year. According to the math over at Business Insider, the fivesome is expected to generate about half that big-number revenue from ticket sales alone: they'll play about 120 shows this year, and maybe 60 in 2014, though the latter will upgrade to stadium-sized stops and all dates have not yet been announced. All in all, averaging out audience and ticket sale prices, BI said $457.5 million is the magic number there.

According to 1D's record labels Syco and Columbia, they've moved 30 million albums worldwide for a total $300 million gross.

On Aug. 30, their Morgan Spurlock-directed 3D concert movie "This Is Us" heads to theaters, which may yield an estimated $150 million. How? Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" did $125 million. And, hey, there's at least five cute boys in this one and 3D amplifies ticket sale grosses.

That is an insane amount of coin. If you thought the boy band craze was dead when Backstreet Boys and NSYNC hung it up (like I did), you are sorely mistaken. More power to those guys for making so much money, but man that is an obscene fortune. I guess I'd rather it go to them than Justin Bieber.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/C0I9ikjQtuI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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