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Listen: Long-lost "Revolution 20" Take by The Beatles

by Photo of Scott Davis

A long, lost version of “Revolution” by The Beatles has recently surfaced.

Listen: Long-lost

When a new song by The Beatles emerges, it's kind of a big deal. They are, after all, The Beatles. An unheard, lost take of the song "Revolution," which appears on The White Album, recently surfaced that shows yet another one of the band's takes on the song.

"Revolution 1" appears on the second half of The White Album and features some chugging, plodding blues to the chorus, "You say you want a revolution/ Well you know, we all wanna change the world." "Revolution 1" is probably the most recognized version of the song, although there were others, too. "Revolution 9," also on The White Album, is a hodgepodge of noises tumbling over each other, including the sounds of car traffic, a news reporter, a baby crying, and more mixed with The Beatles (literal) backwards guitar loops and crashing drums. "Revolution 2" was released on the flip-side of "Hey Jude" and is almost identical to "Revolution 1," but faster paced and with solely distorted, electric guitars -- the mid-tempo bluesy-ness of the song isn't as present.

"Revolution 20," which surfaced, thanks to Open Culture, is like a combination of all of the above mentioned versions. It begins with some cuts of the band members talking and counting off into the take. It most resembles "Revolution 1," but is perhaps a little slower with very little electric guitar and smoother acoustic strumming. After a few minutes, the song fades out with the same chord progression and drum beat repeating before strange, modulated voices and other noises start rolling in over the music.

Rumors have it that The Beatles recorded over 20 different takes of the song, and with the known versions we had before "Revolution 20," this version stands to show how they were experimenting, pulling in a wider range of sounds and influences to put in the song. This may be taboo to Beatles die-hards, but I think I could actually do with the 10-minutes "20" as one song, complete with actual music and weird noises over the two separate "Revolution" tracks from The White Album.

But hey, a new Beatles song was found -- it's a cool day in music. Listen to "Revolution 20" below!

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