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Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 10 Tight Ends for 2013

by Photo of Scott Davis

Prepare yourself for fantasy football season with this list of the top ten tight ends for the 2013 NFL season

Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 10 Tight Ends for 2013

The NFL season is already among us. It's hard to believe that summer has flew by this quickly, but preseason football gets going tomorrow with six different games. From there on out, there won't be an open Sunday (and don't forget Mondays and Thursdays) until spring is coming around the bend.

Of course, football season doesn't just signify more meaningful Sundays, it also means fantasy football is coming up quickly. In fact, most leagues are probably prepping their drafts right this moment. In previous editions of Fantasy Football Rankings we've covered the top 10 quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers. This time around, we'll discuss tight ends. Tight ends don't get the fanfare of the other three positions, but they can be equally as important. A solid tight end can be an unexpected points boost when the better running backs and wide receivers have been taken early in the draft.

Take a look at our list and prepare yourself for the best options to draft for the position!

1.) Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints

The consensus number one tight end. Last season Graham received 982 yards, best on the Saints, and scored 9 touchdowns, second best on the team. At 6'7", 265 lb. he's an absolute monster that defenses have trouble bringing down. He's a top target for Drew Brees, which, oh yeah, is another good reason to draft Graham -- you know Brees can get him the ball.

2.) Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys

In 2012, Witten received the most yards of any tight end at 1,039. His touchdown total was low at 3, but for his career, he usually hovers north of that. He's one of Tony Romo's top targets and in four of the last six seasons, he's received over 1,000 yards.

3.) Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings

Rudolph isn't the most popular name among tight ends, but he could be poised for a breakout season. Last year, in his sophomore season, he received 493 yards and 9 (!) touchdowns -- the latter number quite a lot for somebody with low receiving yards. Anybody on Minnesota will lose touches to Adrian Peterson, but Rudolph could be a very sneaky pick-up, and all those touchdowns could mean big points. Furthermore, he's younger than many of the top names to come.

4.) Tony Gonzalez, Atlanta Falcons

Tony Gonzalez was close to retiring this season, but perhaps one more chase for the Super Bowl drove him back. 2013 will be, in almost all certainty, his last season as he is 37 going on 38. With Atlanta's top-flight receivers, Gonzalez isn't a top target anymore, but even still, last season he pulled in 930 yards and 8 touchdowns.

5.) Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers

Davis's dwindling receiving yards the last three years is concerning, but he had a strong 2012 playoffs, and with Michael Crabtree down with an Achilles injury, Davis could see a boost this season. Throw in the revitalization of Colin Kaepernick and Davis could improve on last season's 548 yards and 5 touchdowns.

6.) Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers

Olsen had something of a breakout season last year, going for 800+ receiving yards for the first time in his career, while also pulling down over 12 yards per catch. He's good for about five touchdowns per year, but he could possibly build on last year's solid performance.

7.) Owen Daniels, Houston Texans

Daniels is a very solid option at tight end. Last season he managed 716 receiving yards, 11 yards per catch, and 6 touchdowns. He shares the field with Andre Johnson for the Texans, which should give him some room to operate, despite not being the top target. His seven years in the NFL show he's been a consistently good tight end.

8.) Rob Grownkowski, New England Patriots

The biggest question mark in the tight end field. Gronkowski has missed lots of time recently with lots of surgeries. He underwent surgery on June 18 to repair a herniated disc and didn't participate in training camp at all. He'll likely miss Week 1, and if he remains on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list, he can't play until Week 6. If and when he does return, though, he'll easily be Tom Brady's top target and receive lots of yardage and catches. How much is it worth to hold him on your roster while he's out?

9.) Martellus Bennett, Chicago Bears

After a breakout season with the Giants last year, Bennett signed a four-year contract with the Bears. Last season, Bennett went for a career-high 626 receiving yards and five touchdowns. He'll be second fiddle to Brandon Marshall in the field, but that will also give him lots of room to operate and improve those numbers.

10.) Dennis Pitta, Baltimore Ravens

With the departure of Anquan Bolden, Pitta has a chance to improve on his solid 2012. Last season Pitta registered career-highs in receiving yards (669), yards per catch (11), and touchdowns (7). He won't be the Ravens' top target down the field, but he should see an uptick in those numbers, or at least hover around the same.

Honorable Mentions

- Heath Miller, Pittsburgh Steelers

- Jared Cook, St. Louis Rams

- Brandon Myers, New York Giants

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