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Listen: Kings of Leon "Wait For Me"

by Photo of Scott Davis

Kings of Leon have teased their forthcoming album with the second single, “Wait For Me”

Listen: Kings of Leon

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Earlier this summer Kings of Leon released the first single, "Supersoaker," from their forthcoming album Mechanical Bull. "Supersoaker" is a high-speed jam, blending the band's newer arena rock sound with some of their earlier southern rock influences. After getting a taste of an energetic track on the new album, Kings of Leon are giving us a glimpse at the album's softer moments.

The band has already released a second song in the form of "Wait For Me." The melancholy, echo-y guitar picking kicks things off before some mid-tempo drums come in and give the song some pace. Caleb Followill sings about a relationship that's falling apart before the chime-y, reassuring chorus comes in with Followill crooning, "Wait for me/ It's all better now/ It's all better now."

The song almost has an '80s ballad-type feel to it with the reverb-laden guitars and the simple song structure. It obviously doesn't have the energy of the surprisingly fantastic (in this writer's opinion) "Supersoaker," nor the refreshing qualities, but it's a slow, relaxing tune to enjoy. Mechanical Bull comes out September 24 and is shaping up to be a very solid mainstream rock album. Give "Wait For Me" a listen!

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