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New Orleans Pelicans Unveil New Uniforms

by Photo of Scott Davis

The freshly minted New Orleans Pelicans revealed their new uniforms earlier today

New Orleans Pelicans Unveil New Uniforms

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The New Orleans Pelicans took another step in replacing the Hornets today by unveiling their new uniforms. The name-change -- pushed by new owner/New Orleans Saints owner, Ted Benson -- was met with mixed reviews. The Pelicans, while certainly an applicable name for the New Orleans region, doesn't conjure up any basketball images, nor is it an intimidating name (not that that is a requirement). Most of all Pelicans just have a sillier association with their name, and all those syllables (Pell-ih-cans) don't flow off the tongue.

But that is neither here nor there. Since changing their name, they've revealed a cool, applaudable Pelicans logo and reshaped their team, stocking up an impressive back-court that now includes Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans. However, the revealing of their new uniforms was also met with mixed reactions. Take a look at the pictures below, via Real GM:

That would be former #1 pick Anthony Davis modeling the home uniform and newly acquired point guard Jrue Holiday toting the away uniform.

Color me disappointed. I was fine with the name change (I like pelicans), I love the new logo and the color scheme.... But the uniforms are pretty bland. They're essentially blue and white with slight gold trim. Their logo promotes more gold and red, but there isn't any red to be found on these. They're easy on the eyes, but not flashy and flashy should've been part of the goal for a franchise trying to remodel itself.

And what's with the lack of Pelicans on the front? The name isn't on there, nor is the bird. It's almost as if they shied away from their name. Tip: If you're gonna go Pelicans, New Orleans, go full Pelicans.

Oh well, they're still going to be a fun team this year. Check out better views of the jerseys below.

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