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Miami Marlins Hitting Coach Tino Martinez Resigns

by Photo of Karly Redpath

Allegations were filed against Martinez by one player who claims his coach abused him.

Miami Marlins Hitting Coach Tino Martinez Resigns

Former New York Yankees first baseman and Miami Marlins hitting coach, Tino Martinez, resigned from his position yesterday amid allegations of abuse.

Martinez, the first-year hitting coach for Miami, resigned on Sunday within hours of the allegations against Martinez went public. 

The abuse has apparently been a problem since spring training.

The Miami Herald reported on both Larry Beinfest, the Marlins president of baseball operations, acceptance of Martinez's resignation and also provided readers with what Martinez had to say for himself.

“I want to apologize to the Marlins organization for my behavior. I think I was frustrated at times, the way players were behaving and certain ways they were doing things. When I asked them to do something and they wouldn’t do it, whatever it may be, I thought the way to get through was by being firm with them, and I probably used some four-letter words.

Many say that Martinez would get unreasonably mad about minor issues, like picking up balls after batting practice.

In response to allegations that he choked one player, Derek Dietrich, by the neck this is what he had to say:

"The only thing I’ve done is, I did grab Dietrich — we had a little thing in the [batting] cage one day — by the jersey,” Martinez said. “That was it. I never touched his neck. I never grabbed his neck. If anything else, [I want] his parents to know that because I have a 20-year-old son and I would be very upset if someone grabbed my son’s neck. That never happened.”

In addition to Dietrich, who was demoted to the minors last week, Martinez became excessively angry with outfielder Justin Ruggiano, first baseman Casey Kotchman, infielder Chris Valaika and minor-league infielder Matt Downs, among others.

This is not the first incident of coach becoming abusive with their players that we have seen this year. The most famous obviously came from Rutgers Men's Basketball Coach Mike Rice who hurled balls at players and pushed them around the court for minor mistakes. It is more and more telling of what happens behind the scenes, during practices, which we often times don't know about.

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