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Review: Tegan and Sara at MLB FanCave

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Tegan and Sara put on a charming show at the FanCave as part of their Concert Series.

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The MLB FanCave has pulled in some pretty impressive names as part of its Concert Series, but I still had yet to make it out to see one of these free shows. That all changed last night when I saw Tegan and Sara perform for an enthusiastic capacity crowd of a couple hundred people in downtown Manhattan.

Coming off the 2012 release of their latest album Heartthrob, the identical twins from Calgary are in the midst of a tour with fun. The show at the FanCave only lasted about a half hour, but you don't need long to get into the the spirit of the show with these two. Their music is so effusive that you are having fun pretty much from the very first note.

Tegan and Sara played through some new tracks off the latest album like "Closer" and "I Was A Fool," but they also threw in some of the old stuff like "Back In Your Head" and "Call It Off" that had the entire room singing along. As genial as the crowd was, the ladies were even more friendly up on stage. They talked about their weird baseball experiences in Canada and how much their fans and their "tailgating" (which consisted of reading and playing cards) were better than fans of some of the other groups that had visited the FanCave.

Here were a couple of other things I noticed during the set:

- I knew Tegan and Sara were short, but they seemed so much shorter in person. And this is coming from someone that's pretty short. That just made them even more adorable, though.

- I only had a good view for the first two songs thanks to a photo pass. But after that, I was resigned to the back of the mob of people packed in there. Visibility was practically zero for the rest of the set, but I was still able to watch on monitors placed in the back.

- Watching bewildered New Yorkers walk by and crane their necks to see what's going on inside is always fun. Even more fun was watching people press up against the windows to try and see what was going on.

This fun-sized set was a wonderful musical experience from Tegan and Sara, but now it has me craving a full concert experience. One where I can actually see the ladies for the entire show.

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