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Artists Team Up to Partake in Peter Gabriel Cover Album

by Photo of Scott Davis

Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, and several others are banding together to cover Peter Gabriel for a tribute album

Artists Team Up to Partake in Peter Gabriel Cover Album

In February 2010, Peter Gabriel released a studio album titled Scratch My Back in which he covered several songs by famous artists. The idea was that Scratch My Back would be a two-part series with a companion album in which the artists that Gabriel covered would then cover Gabriel songs. Up until now, the companion album was never completed.

However, according to Pitchfork, the second album, And I'll Scratch Yours, is underway. Gabriel announced the details of the follow-up, which has many of the artists that Gabriel covered returning the favor. Scratch My Back featured Gabriel covering artists like Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Radiohead, David Bowie/Brian Eno, Neil Young, Lou Reed, Talking Heads, and more. The follow-up album will have Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Lou Reed, Bowie/Eno, and others, but Radiohead and Neil Young were unable to participate. In their places are artists like Joseph Arthur and Feist.

It's obviously great to see artists teaming up together to honor one another, and this particular group is an eclectic bunch. The mixture of young and old artists will certainly provide a unique mix of covers. Gabriel's music is fairly artsy, so it'll be interesting to see where an alternative band like Arcade Fire takes one of his songs, or where Bon Iver, quiet and folk-y, goes with his songs.

The album is due out September 23. Take a look at the tracklist!

01 David Byrne: "I Don't Remember"
02 Bon Iver: "Come Talk to Me"
03 Regina Spektor: "Blood of Eden"
04 Stephin Merritt: "Not One of Us"
05 Joseph Arthur: "Shock the Monkey"
06 Randy Newman: "Big Time"
07 Arcade Fire: "Games Without Frontiers"
08 Elbow: "Mercy Street"
09 Brian Eno: "Mother of Violence"
10 Feist: "Don't Give Up" [ft. Timber Timbre]
11 Lou Reed: "Solsbury Hill"
12 Paul Simon: "Biko"

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