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Carmelo Anthony: 'Don't Read Between the Lines'

by Photo of Scott Davis

Despite reports of super teams, the Los Angeles Lakers’ big 2014 plans may already be falling apart.

Carmelo Anthony: 'Don't Read Between the Lines'

TMZ Sports caught video of Carmelo Anthony on the streets waiting on valet parking to get his car. The reporter not-so-subtly badgered Anthony about what he'd look like in a purple and gold and whether he's talked to LeBron James about teaming up together. Anthony played along a little bit, but understanding the reporter hinting at 'Melo joining the Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony kindly shot down some of the questions.

The reporter asked, "Can you see yourself in a purple and gold outfit?" Anthony retorted, "It's not an outfit, though." He then mentioned the only Jumpman clothes he wears are the classic red, black, and white, like Michael Jordan's Bulls uniform, not the Lakers' colors. The reported bugged Anthony about how he'd play with LeBron James, to which Anthony said they've played well on the Olympics teams.

As the reporter pushed more and more towards answers, he claimed, "I'm reading between the lines. I think I'm going to see you in [purple and gold] soon." Anthony looked off and said, "I don't think you should read between the lines."

This is pretty typical off-season sports star fodder. Few athletes would answer such questions directly or honestly, and Anthony more deflects them than rejects them. But even still, this is the guy who in an ESPN interview, tried to shoot down rumors about wanting to leave the Denver Nuggets by saying nothing would top playing in your hometown (New York). That is to say, Anthony can be pretty direct with his answers when he wants to be.

In the larger picture, though, the grand plans of the Lakers clearing out cap space for 2014 already seem like they will fall on their face. Here we have Anthony kindly deflecting/ignoring the talk, but elsewhere it looks like the Lakers won't even be big players in trying allure big name free agents to Los Angeles. To begin, the Lakers may not even have that much cap space, as several experts have explained. You can't sign big name players if you don't have the money, Lakers!

Likewise, another potential target would be Paul George of the Indiana Pacers. George is from Southern Califronia, but he's found another home in Indiana as a blossoming superstar on a growing team. The Pacers and George appear so fond of one another that George would sign a big extension with Indiana before he even reaches the free agent market.

LeBron James would arguably be LA's top target, but the Miami Heat very much remain in contention for a three-peat this season, and in his three, going on four years in Miami, James has cemented a legacy with a very good team. It would be unlikely for James to want to relocate to a young, tough Western Conference to a team with little in the way of young assets or surrounding talent, especially since Miami will be in a position to retool their team as well.

Anthony actually seems like the most likely piece to fall to LA, but even that is questionable. The New York Knicks just had their best season in over a decade and seem likely to hang around 50 wins again this season. Though the East has gotten stronger, the Knicks still have a bevy of talent and depth to try and move past the second round. It would be tough to shell out a max-level paycheck to a 30-year old Anthony in 2014, but he remains an influence in the Knicks' front office, and if he wants to remain a Knick, it will probably happen. This is especially true as the Knicks look to have their fair share of cap space in 2015 and will actually have some young and talented assets on the team.

Sorry, Lakers, but nobody feels that bad for you.

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