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2013 NFL Preview: Philadelphia Eagles

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A look at last season, training camp, and the upcoming 2013 season.

2013 NFL Preview: Philadelphia Eagles

The NFL Season is getting closer and closer. The Baltimore Ravens took home the Super Bowl last year, but this next season will surely come with plenty of surprises. It's time to get ready for the start of the year by taking a look at all 32 teams to gauge where they are, starting with the worst and ending with the defending Super Bowl champions. It's the CHARGED.fm 2013 NFL Preview, and today we're previewing the Philadelphia Eagles.

Last Season

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a disappointing 4-12 season, leading to the firing of long-time coach Andy Reid and the arrival of former Oregon Ducks coach Chip Kelly. They were expected to rebound from a disappointing 8-8 season in 2011. They didn't. Things looked like they were shaping up in the first month of the year when the Eagles won three of their first four games with big defensive stops and late offensive scores. They burnt out though, losing the next eight games and eleven of the final twelve games to end Reid's 14-season run with the team. 

With only four wins, Eagles fans weren't exactly the happiest out of the bunch last year. Every victory they had was by the skin of their teeth. Their first two games against the Browns and the Ravens they won by only a point. Their third victory against the Giants was a two-point one. They'd go on to lose for the next eight weeks before winning one more against the Buccaneers by two (23-21). 

There are a couple things the Eagles can learn from their atrocious 2012-13 season. One, and I guess hindsight is 20/20, is that fans have been right about Andy Reid for a long time. There's no excuse for drafting poorly, poor clock management and not utilizing star running backs (or for that matter, really all of the poor coaching decisions he's made). With him out of the way, fans can finally have some more faith. Another thing: Reid liked to experiment with players, placing them at positions that probably wasn't best for the whole picture. Aside from that, they need to work on their offensive line. 

DeSean Jackson, coming off a rib injury last year says this year should be different for his team. "I think it was a reality check for everybody on our team honestly," he told ESPN. "For us to go out there and have a year like that last year, we really had to look ourselves in the eye and say, 'C'mon, we're better than that," he said, adding that players "couldn't point fingers at anybody," while the media mostly spread the blame toward Reid, Vick and the team's poor offensive line. "We can't really look backwards. We're going to move forward this year," he said. "We've got Chip Kelly coming in there. He's installing a great offense, high tempo. We're going to catch a lot of teams off guard this year." 

Season Highlights


The arrival of coach Kelly has been the most talked about story surrounding the Eagles offseason, being that we aren't really sure what it will mean for Philadelphia. His hiring has been one of the most covered stories being that he has pushed a new type of ground-and-pound football for Philadelphia. Another big deal for the Eagles' offseason is picking up USC quarterback Matt Barkley, once considered a potential first round pick, in the fourth round.

Key Additions: OT Lane Johnson, 4th overall pick in the 2013 Draft. Their most likely hope is to replace their already All-Pro OT Jason Peters. HB/TE James Casey, a hybrid player from the Texans. Joining him is Stanford TE Zach Ertz, telling us Philadelphia plans to involve the TE's a lot in this years offense. LB Connor Barwin and DL Isaac Sopoag also joined the Eagles. 

CB Cary Williams, who's scored a -3.2 overall last year for the Ravens, but is being used as a starter this year for the Eagles. Safety Kenny Phillips, coming off a knee injury, has also signed and should be an asset if healthy. Finally the Eagles added CB Bradley Fletcher and S Patrick Chung. This should help out their pass defense, which was pretty poor last season. 

Key Losses: CB Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, CB Nnamdi Asmougha, and DL Cullen Jenkins. Jenkins only scored a +2.4 according to Pro Football Focus, which isn't that great. In the same boat, DRC scored a +2.9 in pass coverage. Asmougha may have once been a great player, but in 2013 didn't perform like the Eagles wanted. 

2013 Season Outlook

So, are the Eagles going to be better than last year? At this point it's tough to see. Given that the Eagles defense was pretty bad in 2012, they a lot of players at different positions to improve. They gave up points at an unacceptable rate for a playoff team. 

The fate of the offense relies a lot on who will be playing QB (Vick, Foles, or Barkley). Vick has had a run with too many untimely turnovers and has costed them a few victories over the last two years, and arguably, Reid's job. With the Eagles new O-Line and talented running backs LeSean McCoy, Bryce Brown and Felix Jones, we could see a very competitive team. I wouldn't go as far to say that Philadelphia is definitely a playoff contender, but they should be far more competitive this year than last. 

Jason Peters will most likely shrug off his Achilles injuries and pick up where he left off in 2011. He played a consistently well LT and he headed to the Pro Bowl for the sixth time in the last seven years. Jeremy Maclin will get a 1,000 yard season. He's been a good asset to the Eagles in years past, I think he becomes an even better on this year. 

I think Vick, Foles, and Barkley will all start at least two games before the seasons over. I think Carey Williams will lead the Eagles defense with five or six interceptions this year. The Eagles will be a much more fun watch. That being said, I think they'll go 7-9. They lost 11 of their last 12 games last season, and Kelly is leading a team that's a little confused and shaken. Any improvement at this time would be quite the turn around. 

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