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The Charlotte Hornets Return to the NBA

by Photo of Scott Davis

With the Charlotte Bobcats supposedly returning to the Hornets, a look back at the best Bobcats moments

The Charlotte Hornets Return to the NBA


The New Orleans Hornets have begun their transition to the New Orleans Pelicans, and with the Hornets name up for grabs, the Charlotte Bobcats have shown serious interest in re-acquiring their former team name. Charlotte lost the Hornets when then-owner George Shinn moved the team to New Orleans after the 2001-02 season. Since, Michael Jordan, owner of the Bobcats, has begun the reclamation process.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the Bobcats would need majority approval from the rest of the owners of the NBA in order to successfully changed their name. However, that shouldn't be a problem, especially since the New Orleans franchise has ditched the name. Likewise, incoming commissioner, Adam Silver, is reportedly in favor of the name change.

So, yay! The Hornets had a considerably better stay in Charlotte than the Bobcats have. The Charlotte Hornets had some worthwhile players like Alonzo Mourning, Larry Johnson, Baron Davis, David Wesley, and Muggsy Bogues, and they made the playoffs seven times, twice getting out of the first round. Meanwhile, the Bobcats best season was a team composed of Raymond Felton, Stephen Jackson, Gerald Wallace, and Tyson Chandler, and they were swept in the first round. The changes wouldn't take place until after the 2013-14 season, since new jerseys would need to be made, and Time Warner Cable Arena would need to be resurfaced for the Hornets.

But doesn't it feel a little sad to say goodbye to the Bobcats? Granted, we'll get one more season of them, but how about a little tribute to some of their greatest moments?

Raymond Felton and Gerald Wallace connect on an alley-oop after pick-pocketing LeBron James

Bobcats sign Al Jefferson

Big Al hasn't played a minute in a Bobcats uniform, but he's undoubtedly the best player they've had in the last three years (maybe more if you like him more than Gerald Wallace). Bobcats fans will have one year to enjoy Jefferson before he becomes a Hornet. Bzzzz!

Gerald Henderson jams on Dwight Howard

Raymond Felton playoff action!

Probably the lone exciting moment from the Bobcats' four-game stint in the playoffs. Listen to that crowd!

Emeka Okafor wins 2005 Rookie of the Year

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