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2013 NFL Preview: Miami Dolphins

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A look at last year, training camp, and the upcoming 2013 season.

2013 NFL Preview: Miami Dolphins

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The NFL Season is getting closer and closer. The Baltimore Ravens took home the Super Bowl last year, but this next season will surely come with plenty of surprises. It's time to get ready for the start of the year by taking a look at all 32 teams to gauge where they are, starting with the worst and ending with the defending Super Bowl champions. It's the CHARGED.fm 2013 NFL Preview, and today we're previewing the Miami Dolphins.

Last Season

The 2012-2013 season was somewhat disappointing for Dolphins fans as the team finished 7-9. The lackluster record, however, was not a surprise to anyone. Last season speaks pretty clearly of the past decade in Miami, as the Dolphins have been a franchise that haven't really gone anywhere. 

They've been consistently pretty mediocre.  Don't tell that to fans this year, as hopes are probably higher than they've ever been. 

First off, Tannehill became the teams first rookie QB to start an entire season. He wasn't a breakout superstar, but there's a ton of potential in the young QB.

I think the Dolphins' best moment was when they destroyed the New York Jets 30-9 least season just before Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast. Despite a pretty nasty Tannehill injury during that game, that was a high note for the Dolphins who were on a three game winning streak. That was a short list of best moments. 

Worst? How about when they lost against a 3-6 Titans team 37-3. It was the Dolphins worst home loss since 1968, pretty much reinforcing everyone that they were no where near close to being a playoff team. You simply don't lose at home to a terrible team, especially by that much. 

How about the embarrassing fake field goal that failed miserably against the Jaguars? Or you might remember the fake FG snap that ended in a throw that basically landed in the crowd?

We have to give the Dolphins some credit here, though. They did pick up Ryan Tannehill in the 8th overall pick of the 2012 draft. Then again, they also drafted Michael Egnew, the guy that almost cried on Hard Knocks

Here's last years highlights. 


With training camp starting this weekend, Miami's Dion Jordan still hasn't signed. Being that only 13 of the 32 first round draft picks are under contract at this point (only 3 of the top 10 are), Miami fans shouldn't be sweating too much. 

Key Losses

The Dolphins have decided to move on without LT Jake Long, RB Reggie Bush, TE Anthony Fasano and slot receiver Davon Bess. Time will tell if the offense benefits from the replacements of these guys.

Key Additions

Wide receiver Mike Wallace signed for a five-year $60 million dollar deal. In addition they have CB Brent Grimes, linebackers Dannell Ellerbe and Philip Wheeler, OT Tyson Clabo, TE Dustin Keller and of course first-round pick DE Dion Jordan. 

Linebackers Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett were dropped for Ellerbe and Wheeler, a decision that not everyone is convinced as being an upgrade, but overall they've become a much younger team that will probably pay out in the long run. 

That being said, Dansby and Burnett were the top two defenders in tackles. Ellerbe and Wheeler got $27 million in their combined $51 million contracts, so the expectations are high. Also included in the high expectations is, of course, QB Ryan Tannehill. He only threw 12 touchdown passes last year which begs the question; can Tannehill lead Miami to the playoffs?

I think he has some developing to do, but it's definitely a possibility this year. On top of that, Brent Grimes hopes to lead the team to a better pass defense rating (27th last year) as he comes off an injury. Will he be 100%?

2013 Season Outlook

I think the Dolphins have a good chance at making the playoffs this year. In fact, I think they are very likely to win the AFC east. 

Mike Wallace will catch 100+ passes. He and Ryan Tannehill will probably get off to a rocky start, as actual gameplay is much different than practice, but I don't think these numbers are out of reach. Wallace can be praised as a savior of Miami, that is if he can keep his mouth shut about gay athletes and extinguish anymore media firestorms before they happen. That wasn't the greatest way to make himself known on the new team, but his performance will speak for himself. 

Miami's backfield will be strong, with Daniel Thomas, Lamar Miller and now Mike Gillislee. Expectations are high replacing Reggie Bush, but one of these players will hog the spotlight inevitably. With a solid offensive line, we could see Thomas or Miller hit 1,200 yards (maybe). 

Cameron Wake might be able to break out as a memorable player. He is rarely mentioned next to the word sack, but he's continued to be the leader of the Dolphins' defensive front and I think he's just as good as any pass rusher in the league. Let's say, 15-20 sacks? Sounds about right. 

Ryan Tannehill will improve, and rapidly. Like I said earlier, I think the first few games will be somewhat of a struggle. The Dolphins' will go something like 2-3 the first leg of the season, but they will drastically improve as they become more comfortable during game time. 

I can see Tannehill with 25 TD's. Okay, maybe 20 and 13 INT's. I can definitely say with some confidence that Dion Jordan will be defensive rookie of the year. The Dolphins' knew what they were doing when they traded up in the first round of the draft choosing Oregon's defensive hybrid. He will do wonders for Miami's defense. 

Though I might have used the word expectations one too many times in this article, it's only because expectations is the word of the season for the Miami Dolphins. The slogan that will undoubtedly be driven into the ground this year is #ITSOURTIME. 

We shall see. 

Dolphins' fans will probably have to sit through a couple of losses, but if I was in Miami, I'd be hopeful of 2013.

For the overall season? I can see them going 10-6. 

Can't wait to see them in the fall? Let CHARGED.fm get you Miami Dolphins tickets this season! 

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