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Cheap Trick Kicks off the Seaside Concert Series

by Photo of Antoinette Cammarano

Not letting the downpour ruin their fun, 80s rockers Cheap Trick kicked off the 2013 Seaside Concerts Series.

Cheap Trick Kicks off the Seaside Concert Series

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The torrential pouring rains did not keep Cheap Trick fans from flocking to Coney Island's Bandshell on Friday, July 12th to see these awesome 80s rockers kick off the 2013 Seaside Summer Concert Series.

This marked the beginning of the end for the Seaside Summer Concerts Series, an annual event started by current Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz when he was only a state senator. But as Markowitz' term in office comes to an end - he is at the end of his 12th year in office - so, too, does this beloved event. 

However, Markowitz is making sure "the beat goes on" in Coney Island; in an effort to ensure that concerts, in the future, will be held indoors, Markowitz has set aside a measly $50 million dollars to build a new amphitheater in Coney Island, not far from where the concerts are currently held. If the building plans pass all the required steps by the end of this year, construction can begin as early as next year, with a finish product hopefully unveiled in 2015. The new venue would house 5,000 seats with additional outside seating on a lawn, plus a restaurant. This would be a tremendous improvement from the current seating arrangement for the concerts. With absolutely no cover, every fan at Friday's Cheap Trick concert was soaked to the bone by the time the concert wrapped up.

But the soaking wet clothes and ruined makeup were well worth it. Cheap Trick, and their opening act The Cringe, put on a truly amazing performance. The Cringe, an indie-rock band based in New York and fronted by John Cusimano, Mr. Rachel Ray, played an hour long set filled with upbeat tunes. The set was extremely energetic given the fact that it rained throughout most of their set, and the Cringe set the tone for the rest of the evening. 

As a first-timer listening to the Cringe, I thoroughly enjoyed what I heard. I am nothing short of a fanatic for indie-rock, and the Cringe lived up to everything I could have asked for in an opening act. They amped up the crowd and played songs that lifted the spirits of the soaked and downtrodden crowd.

Luckily enough, the rain began to let up when Cheap Trick came on stage. And I must say, for a group of guys who's average age is over 62, they definitely rocked the stage much harder than I expected them to. Rick Nielsen even went so far as to attempt the dramatic jump-with-guitar familiar to so many guitarists. Like I said, for a group of guys old enough to be my father, they showed a lot of enthusiasm.

Plus they played an extremely long set. Upwards of an hour long, Cheap Trick started the set with a few of their lesser known songs. At least, to me they were the lesser known songs. Born in 1992, I came way after Cheap Trick emerged onto the scene. The crowd around me, comprised of people much older than I, jammed to these songs harder than I've ever seen a group of 40/50-something-year-old people move. So I'm going to assume that these songs were extremely popular to Cheap Trick fans back in the day.

Toward the end of the set, Cheap Trick busted out their more well-known songs, including "I Want You to Want Me," "Surrender," and "Dream Police." At this point I was able to truly get into the music. It sounded like the entire crowd joined in singing these songs, and these songs sounded amazing. Relics from a time when music wasn't too tampered with on computers, Cheap Trick's live performance sounded exactly like you'd hear the songs on the radio. And it was awesome. The only letdown? They didn't play my favorite Cheap Trick song, "The Flame." But given the fact that all the songs they played were upbeat and dance-y, I'm not surprised they didn't diverge to play a sappy love song.

Having Cheap Trick as the first performer in the month-long concert series was a great move. A band that nearly everyone knows and loves set the stage for an awesome summer filled with even awesome-r music. For a bunch of old guys, Cheap Trick certainly knows how to rock.

Before you go experience Cheap Trick in their current, still awesome state, check out the band in their heyday: 

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