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Album Stream: 'Ya Never Know' - Terraplane Sun

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The Venice Beach rockers display versatility across the five-track EP.

Album Stream: 'Ya Never Know' - Terraplane Sun

When you first hear Ben Rothbard's vocals on "Get Me Golden," the first track of Terraplane Sun's EP Ya Never Know (due July 16 via Trauma 2 Records), one comparison immediately jumps into your mind: Mark Foster of Foster the People. It might be easy, but the similarities are undeniable. Both voices sound effortless, almost lazy at times in the way they project over the music. 

But the music is exactly what separates these two groups. While Foster the People aims for something much closer to pop, it's difficult to pinpoint exactly where Terraplane Sun falls on the spectrum. Even with just five songs on the track, Terraplane Sun shows plenty of ambition with their musical styles and directions on this EP. Rothbard, Cecil, Johnny Zambetti, Lyle Riddle and Gabe Feenberg sure do mix it up on Ya Never Know and show plenty of promise while doing so.

"Get Me Golden" is the strongest track on the album and it gets things started on a great note. There is so much soul packed into this song, from the organ and horns to the claps and "WOO's" that really amp up the mood. It's a song that's perfect for the summer, perfect for the spring, really perfect anytime. The hooks and builds are catchy and have plenty of staying power. Right off the bat, they start with a winner.

The rest of the songs don't come close to hitting the highs of "Get Me Golden," but they aren't necessarily aiming in that direction to begin with. This band is much more blues than pop, and the songs after "Get Me Golden" certainly reflect a more sullen or introspective vibe. You even get that from the titles: "Stuck in the Middle," "Tell Me I'm Wrong" and "Ya Never Know" all give off an unsure kind of impression. It would have been easy to try and replicate the catchiness of "Get Me Golden," but where is the challenge there?

The rest of the album shows that this band's strengths are not one-directional. They can convey several different tones with their mix of guitar, horns and organ, the latter two being the sounds I find to be most signature. The band can go from a song that hits more rock notes like "Tell Me I'm Wrong" to something that almost sounds like a sprawling Western in "No Regrets." 

The lyrics are more indicative of a mood shift as well. There is conflict to be heard in these songs, whether it's around the idea of not wanting to die in "No Regrets," feelings of uncertainty with "Stuck In The Middle" or dealing with people that don't believe in you on "Tell Me I'm Wrong." Instead of wrapping those ideas around something with a lighter sound, they attack it head on and match them up with appropriate musical backgrounds.

While all the diversity among songs maybe pulls away at a central sound or direction you can come away with, it speaks to the talent these guys have that they can pull off all of these genres. While you might not come away as enamored with all the tracks as you would with the opener, it's something that shows potential and room for growth to help polish everything up.

Ya Never Know is available tomorrow, but you can stream the entire album below:

Terraplane Sun will be hitting the road later this summer for dates with groups like Imagine Dragons and The Mowgli's. Check out those dates below, and be sure to keep an eye on this group. With a sound that hits on so many different points, they have the variety and versatility to really make some noise.

Official Tour Dates w/ Imagine Dragons:
July 25th - Wantagh, NY at Jones Beach Amphitheater
July 27th - Nashville, TN at The Woods Amphitheater
July 30th - Cleveland, OH at Jacobs Pavillion

Official Tour Dates w/ The Mowgli's:
August 1st - Columbus, OH at Newport Music Hall

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