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Is the Whole Amanda Bynes Twitter Thing a Hoax?

by Photo of Kelsie O'Connell

Reasons why the Amanda Bynes Twitter might not be real at all… or is she just playing us?

Is the Whole Amanda Bynes Twitter Thing a Hoax?

In this article…

You know what they say: "There's no such thing as bad publicity."

Amanda Bynes is at it again. Well, I guess she never stopped. With her routine tweets of calling people ugly (and then contradicting herself by saying just the opposite soon after), something just doesn’t seem right. It’s all a little too coincidental to be deemed real.  Is it possible that maybe this Twitter account is not being run by Amanda Bynes, or is it that maybe Bynes is simply giving us something to laugh about? 

Possibly, it's both.

We’ve heard the age old story for years: child star becomes rich, child star “retires,” child star runs out of money. This may very well be Bynes’ way of dealing with the idea of being washed up. Bynes has people. And Bynes' people also have people. And they're all working for her image---squeaky clean or not.

To recap, over the past few months, Bynes has had many tell-tell signs of a crazy person with tweets to Drake calling him “ugly,” as well as degrading tweets to Jason Biggs, Rihanna, and now---Barack and Michelle Obama. Calling them ugly has obviously stirred up the pot even more! But is Bynes seriously just doing it all on purpose?

Mid-June, a text message conversation allegedly between Bynes and close friend and publicist, Jonathon Jaxson, appeared online where Bynes is shown in a text message screen shot to have said, “All this has been an act and you know it! I am an actress and know what I am doing.”

Jaxson replied by mentioning her previous drug use, stating that there could be something “mentally wrong” with her. Of course, without skipping a beat, an over-confident Bynes replied, “I got 2 million followers and now everyone wants me. I am smart and not stupid. Everyone mentions my name. The world loves me!”

Of course, who knows if the texts are actually real; nevertheless, Bynes is up to something. Most online media outlets go on to say that Amanda is unwell. However, the stuff she does is clearly too bizarre for her to pull off this long, especially if she said she is doing it on purpose. The only other possibility is that Bynes' phone is not being handled by her. It’s being handled by someone else.

Though the theory may seem far-fetched (hear me out), Bynes' twitter almost doesn’t seem real—like it’s not even her. On July 9, Bynes was photographed going to court with a blue wig. Only a day before, Bynes noted that she had surgery on her nose (via twitter), and her nose was broken still. Her surgeon had not yet finished the surgery. Surprisingly, Bynes’ nose looked just fine and, well, not broken. See for yourself in the photo below:

But don’t worry, her Twitter account has that issue covered. “I Hate Taking Pictures With A Broken Nose.” 

Oh, okay.

So what's the truth? Well, truth is, we'll never really know, unless Bynes comes clean. Though the theory that it may not be her is a strong one, I think Bynes is smarter than that. I think she knows the public is questioning her right now; not only her sanity, but her Twitter account. 

I strongly believe that Bynes and the people behind her are looking for a new way to spice up her career---by whatever means possible. WIth a new movie supposedly in the works and the hope of a new rap career, Bynes is looking for all of the attention (and free publicity) she can get. So is it really Bynes? Probably. But she knows what she's doing, and she's definitely not in this game alone. 

So let's just keep giving her all of the speculation she wants. 

Is it Bynes? Is it not? Is it fake? 

The more we talk, the more she tweets. Let the show continue.

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