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'Drunk History' Comes to Comedy Central

by Photo of Karly Redpath

The popular web series premiers on tonight on Comedy Central and will feature star studded episodes.

'Drunk History' Comes to Comedy Central

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On July 9, the first episode of the series "Drunk History" will air on Comedy Central. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Internet series, you're in for a treat.

The spinoff of the popular web series, created by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner, will not only feature drunk actors retelling historical events to the best of their abilities, but other actors will also act out the "accurate historical events" that are being discussed. 

Perhaps the best part about the actors playing these different historical figures is that they never talk. They merely lip-synch over the drunken narrators dialogue - which includes all hiccups, swears, pauses and most importantly slurred words. 

Will Ferrell, Don Cheadle, Jim Carrey, Ryan Gosling, Jack Black, Zooey Deschanel, John C. Reilly, Michael Cera, and Danny McBride are some of the actors who have done the web series in the past. 

The new series will feature an eight-episode first season as viewers will follow Derek Waters as he travels and has actors reenact historical events. 

The first episode is filmed in Washington, D.C. Actors Bob Odenkirk, from "Breaking Bad," and Jack Black reenact the Oval Office meeting between President Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley and features Jack McBrayer as Nixon's aide. The episode will also feature Fred Willard as Deep Throat in a tangled tale of Watergate and Will Forte and Adam Scott will portray sibling rivals Edwin and John Wilkes Booth.

If you want to get yourself prepared for the series starting tonight, catch up on the many Drunk History webisodes, the first of which stars Michael Cera as Alexander Hamilton and Jake Johnson as Aaron Burr:

Tune in to "Drunk History" tonight at 10 p.m. ET a on Comedy Central. You won't be disappointed.  

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