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Homer Bailey Throws Second No-Hitter

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Baily dominates the Giants last night, makes baseball history.

Homer Bailey Throws Second No-Hitter

Reds right-handed pitcher Homer Bailey made baseball history last night by throwing yet another no-hitter against the San Francisco Giants. Bailey not only finished last nights game with the 16th no-hitter in franchise history, he also took home a pretty solid record that hasn't been broken since the 70's. 

Bailey, who had a perfect game through six innings Tuesday night, struck out nine Giants in a 3-0 victory at Great American Ball Park. If you don't remember, Bailey also threw a no-hitter against the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC park last year on September 28, 2012. This makes him the first pitcher to throw the league's two consecutive no-hitters since Nolan Ryan in '74-'75 season. Bailey not only grew up in Texas like Nolan Ryan, but wears 34 in honor of his boyhood idol. It's also the first no-hitter thrown in Cincinnati since Tom Browning's perfect game in 1988 against the Dodgers. That's a pretty long time for Reds fans to wait for an epic game like this. 

With the ninth inning closing in, all 27,509 of the crowd were on their feet as Bailey retired Brandon Crawford with a ground ball to the mound, struck out Tony Abreu swinging, and finally forced a ground ball from Blanco to third baseman Todd Fraizer to end it. Of the 109 pitches he threw, 74 of them were strikes. 

"Every dog has his day twice, I guess" said Bailey after the game. "It felt good to do it in front of the Cincinnati fans. Going into the eight and ninth I just said 'Why the hell not?' Here we go again." The only three other active pitchers with a pair of no-hitters are Justin Verlander, Mark Buehrle and Roy Halladay. Bailey became the third pitcher in the history of baseball's first professional franchise to get more than one. 

The Giants went rather quietly though. Bailey was facing a San Francisco line up in a serious funk, having only two runs or less in nine of the last twelve games. In actuality, he didn't need much help getting the no-hitter. Still, there were a few close calls. Bailey walked Gregor Blanco in the beginning of the seventh inning, which ended up being San Fran's only baserunner. After Buster Posey hit a soft one-hopper, first baseman Joey Votto threw out Blanco as he tried to advance from second to third, effectively diminishing a chance at an infield single for Posey. "Joey had a great heads-up play. I was almost a little late getting to the bag," Bailey said. 

What about the Reds though? Shin-Soo Choo hit Lincecum's fifth pitch deep into right field where Hunter Pence jumped above the wall and deflected the ball in bounds off the heel of his glove. After initially ruling it a homerun, umpires reviewed the play for two and a half minutes before overturning it and giving Choo a double. He would later score on Votto's sacrifice fly.  Phillips would hit a banger into the first row of left field for a 2-run homer (his 12th of the season), giving Cincinnati a 3-0 lead. That was all Bailey needed. 

Last year the MLB was full of no-hitters. With seven in all, it tied the modern record. By this point last year, five no-hitters had been thrown. There have been only two close calls so far in 2013. Bailey is the first to take one all the way. Hats off to anyone who breaks their childhood idol's record, especially if that childhood idol is Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan. Shout out to Bailey who dropped an F bomb in this post-game interview. I guess the problem with interviewing hyped athletes who've just broken records is you never know what they're going to say. 

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