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2013 NBA Free Agent Buzz

by Photo of Scott Davis

Follow along with our stream of 2013 NBA free agency buzz as offers and signings continue to pop up

2013 NBA Free Agent Buzz

July 1 kicked off the NBA's free agency period, which is arguably the most exciting, chaotic free agency period of any of the major professional sports. Rumors and offers and signings are constantly thrown out as teams seek players to make their team better and players search for new homes around the NBA. Follow along as we keep an eye out for the latest offers and signings.

Atlanta Hawks

- Kyle Korver will apparently be back in Atlanta next season.

Boston Celtics

- No signings or offers yet.

Brooklyn Nets

- Sources say that Andray Blatche has agreed to re-sign with the Nets. The contract is worth $1.4 million over one year. Blatche is still making about $8 million from the Washington Wizards after they used the amnesty clause on him.

Charlotte Bobcats

- Charlotte agreed to three-year, $40.5 million deal on Wednesday, July 3. After Dwight Howard, Jefferson was probably the most skilled big on the market and he will step in right away as Charlotte's best player. 

Chicago Bulls

- The Bulls have reportedly come to an agreement with Mike Dunleavy Jr. over a two-year, $6-million offer.

- Center Nazr Mohammed said he will-resign with the Bulls, and though the details are unknown, it will likely be for the veteran;s minimum.

Cleveland Cavaliers

- The Cavaliers and forward Earl Clark came to agreement on a two-year deal worth $9 million. Clark had a nice year last year filling in for Pau Gasol in LA, and he'll join a young frontcourt in Cleveland.

Dallas Mavericks

- The Mavericks have a meeting set up to court Dwight Howard.

- The Mavericks have agreed to a league-minimum contract with Israeli point guard Gal Mekel.

Denver Nuggets

- Russian center Timofey Mozgov is reportedly in negotiations with the Nuggets to re-sign with the team. There are no details on what the deal would pay Mozgov, who was sent to the Nuggets from the Knicks in the Carmelo Anthony trade in 2011.

Detroit Pistons

- No offers or signings yet.

Golden State Warriors

- Golden State completed a salary dump deal (trading around $24 million in cap space, including a 2014 1st round draft pick) with Utah, and with that space locked up guard Andre Iguodala to a four-year, $48 million contract on Friday. Golden State is still in a position to make more room should Dwight Howard choose to head there. 

- The Warriors will also hold a meeting with Dwight Howard to try to convince him to sign with them.

Houston Rockets

- The Rockets held a meeting with Dwight Howard.

- The team told Josh Smith that they will offer him a contract should Dwight Howard sign with another team.

Indiana Pacers

- The Pacers and David West are reportedly finalizing a deal that would bring West back on a three-year/$36-million deal.

- C.J. Watson has reportedly agreed to sign with the Pacers for a two-year deal, though the exact terms are unknown.

- The Pacers opted not to extend a qualifying offer to Tyler Hansbrough, so he will become an unrestricted free agent.

Los Angeles Clippers

- The Clippers have successfully re-signed Chris Paul to a five-year/$107-million contract with an opt-out in the final year, thus taking out one of the biggest names in this year's free agent class.

Los Angeles Lakers

- The Lakers also have a meeting with Dwight Howard to try and convince him to stay in Los Angeles.

- The Lakers reportedly threw out an offer to Chris Copeland, but there aren't any exact details known.

Memphis Grizzlies

- Jon Leuer and the Grizzlies reached a deal to bring Leuer back on a 3-year/$3-million contract.

- The Grizzlies will re-sign Tony Allen to a contract worth $20 million over four years.

Miami Heat

- Ray Allen will return to Miami next season.

- The Heat and Chris Andersen have had discussions about re-signing the center.

Milwaukee Bucks

- The Bucks reportedly offered Brandon Jennings an undisclosed contract, but have said they'll match any offer sheet he receives.

- O.J. Mayo is reportedly close to signing with the Bucks.

Minnesota Timberwolves

- The Wolves and Budinger have reached an agreement on a three-year/$16-million deal.

New Orleans Pelicans

- The Pelicans landed Evans in a three-team trade with the Kings and 

- The Pelicans have offered Sacramento Kings' guard Tyreke Evans a 4-year/$44-million contract. Evans is a restricted free agent so the Kings have the right to match any offer he receives. Evans is still meeting with other teams.

New York Knicks

- The Knicks are bringing back both J.R. Smith and Pablo Prigioni on new deals, four years for Smith and three for Prigioni.

- The Knicks will reportedly offer Elton Brand a one-year, veteran's-minimum contract. Interest is supposed to be mutual, but Brand has other suitors as well.

- An Argentine source reports that the Knicks have offered Pablo Prigioni a two-year contract, but it has yet to be confirmed by other sources.

Oklahoma City Thunder

- No offers or signings yet.

Orlando Magic

- No offers or signings yet.

Philadelphia 76ers

- No offers or signings yet.

Phoenix Suns

- No offers or signings yet.

Portland Trailblazers

- No offers or signings yet.

Sacramento Kings

- The Kings evidently rescinded a $56-million offer to Andre Iguodala, but the reasons are unknown at this point.

San Antonio Spurs

- The Spurs signed guard Marco Belinelli to a deal worth two years and $6 million. Belinelli will likely replace Gary Neal and is a more well-rounded player.

- The Spurs have agreed to re-sign center Tiago Splitter at a deal of 5-years/$45-million.

- Manu Ginobili reported via Twitter that he will remain with the Spurs for two more years for $14 million.

Toronto Raptors

- No offers or signings yet.

Utah Jazz

- No offers or signings yet.

Washington Wizards

- The Wizards and Eric Maynor have agreed to a contract worth about $2 million, though the exact terms aren't known.

- The Wizards and Martell Webster have agreed to a 4-year/$22-million contract with a partially guaranteed final year.

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