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Glastonbury 2014 Headliner Predictions

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The top 10 bands we think will make headlining next year.

Glastonbury 2014 Headliner Predictions

Now that Glastonbury 2013 has ended, festival goers are already spreading rumors and wishes of next year's festival lineup and headliners. Michael Evis, coordinator of the three day mega music festival, has said he's already planned on most of the headliners for next year, but that doesn't mean we can't make predictions and hope for the best. Tickets are supposed to sell out in record time this year. Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: 

"The odds of Glastonbury 2014 selling out in record time tumbled as the [Rolling] Stones left the stage. Even without Jagger there next year anyone who missed out this time round will make sure they won't make the same mistake twice" via ITV.

Here are some bands I think will make an appearance at next years event on Worthy Farm. 

#1. Daft Punk

That's not so much an easy prediction as a hopeful one. Everyone wants to see Daft Punk now, as their newest album has a ridiculously good feedback among the mainstream. If you've followed Daft Punk before their recent album, you'd know they only really tour every ten years, that being in '97 and in 2007 with their tour for the album Alive . They do have other lives appearances at some festivals and guest shows, but most are rare and hardly at advance notice. Still, it would be amazing to see that pyramid live. They've said they won't be touring their latest album, but damnit that doesn't mean they won't make an appearance. I'm still putting them at one.

#2. Foo Fighters + Kasabian

Now, I'm not the biggest Foo Fighters or Kasabian fan in the world, but they are both set favorites for next years event. I'm rolling them both into #2 because they're similar in sound and nature (sorry for any Foo Fighters or Kasabian fans I may have just pissed off). Both the bands are pretty much festival royalty and are expected by many to play at Worthy Farm next summer. After their latest album Velociraptor, Kasabian has a new album coming out sometime this year as well.

#3. Arcade Fire

The band has already produced three awesome albums in the past, including The Suburbs that picked up a Grammy in 2010. Their fourth album has been a little more secretive, but is due for release September 9th of this year. I think it's well worth the wait, as LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy has been in the studio helping out with production.

#4. David Bowie

The pop legend hadn't released anything in over a decade. He rarely makes any public appearences. Most people thought he was retired, but this year his album The Next Day, released on March 12 surprised a lot of us. His single "Where Are We Now" also had good feedback. His new stuff is equally as strange as the old. He's also one of the top predictions to headline at the festival next year.

#5. Sigur Ros

Their new album Kveikur navigates new territory for the band with the music self-described as "more aggressive" than what they've put out in the past. The album released a few weeks ago and the first single off of it, "Brennisteinn," is a lot darker than anything you've probably ever heard from them.  

#6. Tool

The progressive metal group hasn't released an album in years. They announced they were working on a new album in 2009, and it looks like 2013 could be the year fans have been waiting for. You have to give them a break though, the amount of depth and mind-bending that goes into their music must take some time to create. I always enjoyed their creepy videos and their shows are equally as intense visually. 


#7. Prince

Before releasing a new song of his entitled "Ain't Gonna Miss U When U're Gone" a few weeks ago, Prince signed a new record deal with Kobalt Music Group, who promised him more flexibility and control over his own releases. His album under the new band name 3rd Eye Girl is set to be released sometime this year. 

#8. Fleetwood Mac

They were asked to play the festival this year, but had to decline due to scheduling issues. Drummer Mick Fleetwood said they were honored to be asked to headline for this year's event, but after finding out they'd have to sacrifice other performances to do so, they turned it down. He later said they'd be excited if they were asked to play again next year, but wouldn't be surprised if there was a "you snooze, you lose" policy. 

#9. Earth, Wind & Fire

With the American leg of their tour for their new album coming to a close, Earth, Wind & Fire are a likely candidate to headline next year. They begin their European tour on July 8th, so they decided not to respond to an invitation to this years Glastonbury. Rumors of the band, along with Stephen Marley, have been floating around for next years lineup. 

#10. Justice

Although not in any of the rumored acts that are supposed to appear next year, I think Justice is one of the contenders. They released their newest album Access All Arenas on May 7th of this year on Ed Banger and haven't really toured it that much. I think the French electronic duo might grab one of the main stages at next years festival. 

A spokesperson for bookmakers Williams Hill announced his predictions for next year's festival:

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