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"Arrested Development" Soundtrack To Be Released

by Photo of Emily Maas

The soundtrack will feature an extended version of Season 4’s popular song “Getaway.”

Since Netflix aired Season 4 of "Arrested Development" nearly a month ago, the popular cult comedy has garned much of the attention it had always deserved. 

From Banana Stands popping up worldwide, to some amazing cameos in Season 4, "Arrested Development" has been pulling out all the stops this time around. The latest addition to all this is the announcement that an "Arrested Development" soundtrack is in the works.

According to TV Guide, the show's composer David Schwartz, who has been with the show since its beginning, is currently putting together a soundtrack combining songs from all four seasons.

The most popular song to hit the soundtrack will be Season 4's, "Getaway." Schwartz, with help from fellow songwriter and frequent collaborator on the show Gabriel Mann, will create an extended version of the track for fans. 

Some other possibilities for the soundtrack are a medley from the "Fantastic Four" knockoff musical and an expanded version of Season 3's "Balls in the Air." Really, almost anything could show up on it according to Schwartz.   

"There are hundreds of pieces [that could wind up on the soundtrack], but I think I've cut it down to 40 or 50 so far," Schwartz says. "I've received so many requests and now I'm trying to whittle it down."

Also good news: Schwartz would like to see the soundtrack on vinyl. Don't worry, it'll also be available to download on iTunes. 

There is currently no release date for the soundtrack. While you wait, listen to an extended version of "Getaway" below.

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