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Motorhead Issues Promising Statement Over Kilmister's Health

by Photo of Emily Maas

The band issued a new statement earlier today on Lemmy Kilmister’s current condition.

Motorhead Issues Promising Statement Over Kilmister's Health

Motorhead's iconic frontman, Lemmy Kilmister, has suffered a hematoma. The health condition has cost the band a few gigs this summer, including one on June 22 at Seerock Festival, and another on June 25 in Milan. 

The band apologized for both cancellations via their website before the events. 

The latest statement from the British band, however, promises that Motorhead will not be slowing down anytime soon.

"We are happy to announce that despite rumors to the contrary, Lemmy is alive, breathing, talking, fucking, drinking, eating, reading and will be back to playing shows shortly. As reported, he did undergo a Motor-pit-stop for some medical maintenance this past spring, and the timing of his recent illness was unfortunate in that it came so soon after that. Lemmy & Co believe in the 'keep calm and carry on' way of thinking. Fans can anticipate more Motorhead live action this summer, as well as the most exciting Motorecord in years, Aftershock, this Fall."

Hopefully, this relieving sentiment can be trusted, and there will be no more cancellations in Motorhead's future. Their next show is scheduled for tomorrow (June 28) in Roitzschora, Germany at the With Full Force Festival. They will be playing alongside Korn, Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada, Between the Buried and Me, Chelsea Grin, and more. 

Their latest album, Aftershock, is tentatively due for September and is the followup to 2010's The World Is Yours

With this latest statement, it doesn't seem like either 67-year-old Kilmister or the rest of the band will be stopping anytime soon.

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