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Earl Sweatshirt Cancels Remaining Tour Dates

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Odd Future member drops out of July dates due to health issues.

Earl Sweatshirt Cancels Remaining Tour Dates

Earl Sweatshirt has been hopping around continents all year both solo and with his Odd Future gang, but he has to cut short his tour due to a case of pneumonia. He planned to tour through most of July with Mac Miller but his health has now landed him in the hospital. Earl and Odd Future were playing shows in Austraila, and after returning to the states he became ill and had to cancel his headlining show at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee. Here are all of his tour dates, though his Twitter claims only the July dates will be effected:

07-21 Buffalo, NY - Buffalo Outer Harbor
07-25 Toledo, OH - Headliners

During Earl's week off between flying back from Australia and the aforementioned Bonnaroo scheduled performance, he'd been finalizing the track list for his upcoming album Doris. Earl said he was excited for upcoming gigs with Eminem in the fall before getting sick and canceling summer tour dates, two of which include a slot at the Grove Music Festival, and a show with Kendrick Lamar at Toronto's Sound Academy on August 2nd. It's worthy to note that the shows with Eminem will probably not be effected. 

He tweeted a couple of hilarious things about how he feels about pneumonia, missing his shows, and dubstep.

His album Doris is anticipated to drop sometime in July of this year, featuring both Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator. It's unsure whether this push back the release date of Doris,  though Earl tweeted this photo earlier which might be the cover to the album. We will just have to wait and see. 

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