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One Direction Release New Movie Trailer Featuring "Best Song Ever"

by Photo of Emily Maas

1D’s latest movie trailer features a bit of their brand new song “Best Song Ever”

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There's a brand new One Direction movie trailer out for the awaited 3D concert film This Is Us.     

The trailer features everything from Harry Styles in a bakery apron to Simon Cowell talking about the boy band's success. The movie, an exciting documentary about 1D's rise to international fame and what they've been up to since, looks like the perfect adrenaline-pumping movie for all of those screaming teenage females shown in every other clip of the trailer. This Is Us, from filmmaker Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame features an excess of 1D, from a man who knows plenty about excess. 

At the end of the trailer, you can hear a bit of a new song humbly titled "Best Song Ever." The band's four-track EP, also titled Best Song Ever, is out July 22. There's also a mysterious third album currently in the works. 

One Direction Release New Movie Trailer Featuring

Honestly, I can see the appeal to One Direction. They're adorably funny, and have pretty interesting, well cared for hair. Plus, those accents. What else could you really want in a boy band? 

This Is Us hits theaters on August 30. Until then, and for months afterwards, the boys will be on non-stop touring. They're currently touring the U.S. in support of their sophomore album, Take Me Home, which has done anything but bring the boys home it seems. Their summer tour even made our Top 10 Biggest Summer Tours list for this year. 

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