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WATCH: Jerry Seinfeld Recording Album Outro With Wale

by Photo of Emily Maas

Check out this unlikely duo recording an outro from Wale’s album ‘The Gifted.’

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What could D.C. rapper Wale and famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld have in common? I'm guessing not much. 

That isn't stopping the unlikely duo from collaborating and hanging out in the studio together. If you're a fan of Wale, you're most likely familiar with his keen interest in "Seinfeld" and the man behind the show. His 2008 Mixtape About Nothing was inspired by the popular comedy, featuring soundbites from the show and even a revamped version of the theme song. 

Wale's forthcoming album Album About Nothing, the followup to Mixtape About Nothing (which featured a cameo from Julia Louis-Dreyfus), is promised to be a full-scale Seinfeld-Wale collaboration. The album is on it's way, but first it seems Wale wanted to get The Gifted out and in stores. On the day of it's release (June 25), fans also got a glimpse at the Seinfeld-Wale collaboration that was promised through a video of the two recording "Outro About Nothing," which appears on The Gifted

WATCH: Jerry Seinfeld Recording Album Outro With Wale

It's funny, but more so in the way that it's hard to see these two together. The 59-year-old Seinfeld and Wale even shake hands at the end (3:15), which is both cringeworthy and hilarious. At least Wale seems quite happy exclaiming, "This is the the greatest day of my professional life." It's hard to gauge exactly how Seinfeld feels about all this, but judging from this Washington Post interview from earlier this week, he finds the whole thing entertaining as well. 

It should be interesting to see what these two come up with on Album About Nothing

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