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NHL Stanley Cup Game 5 Preview

by Photo of Antoinette Cammarano

Bruins and Blackhawks have a lot to consider going into Game 5.

NHL Stanley Cup Game 5 Preview

Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final starts soon, and both the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks have a lot on the line. 

The Stanley Cup Finals are currently tied at two games apiece. Falling behind 3-2 isn't ideal, so both teams will be laying it all on the line to get the advantage. Neither team has taken full advantage of home ice, but the Blackhawks will look to do that tonight as the series shifts back to Chicago.

To this point, the entire series has been filled with solid offense, physical defense and players "stepping up to the plate" (or puck, in this case) providing both teams with amazing goals and leadership. 

In order to secure a win tonight, there are three specific points each team needs to focus on during tonight's game:<

1. Crawford's Glove Side:
Game four consisted of a total of 11 goals - 6 for the Blackhawks and 5 for the Bruins - and all of the goals scored against Chicago were scored due to goaltender Corey Crawford's weakness on his glove side. In order to prevent Boston from taking advantage of this weakness once again, Crawford needs to pay special attention to this area.

2. Boston's Power Kill:
The Bruin's power kill has been absolutely outstanding this postseason. The Bruins had a 29 kill streak up until game four when Patrick Sharp scored a shorthanded goal against the nearly impenetrable Tuukka Rask. If Boston continues their success in shutting down Chicago's power plays, it will definitely reduce scoring chance for Chicago and boost Boston's morale. 

3. Use of the Third and Fourth Lines:
This holds especially true for the Blackhawks. The third and fourth lines from this team have proven to be capable of taking on the challenges presented to them. Players like Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp (who both had their first goals of the series in game 4) came from these lines to prove their worth. The lines seem to be doing wonders for the Blackhawks, and of they continue using them it'll lead to a very interesting game. On the Bruins side, Tyler Sequin, Chris Kelly, and Daniel Paille have proved to be an exceptional third line, reeling in the goals and playing extremely well.  

My prediction? 
The Blackhawks are going to take tonight's game, but by a short margin. I see the series going to seven games, however. 

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